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A Brief Blog Update

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I've been ghosting online and for that I am sorry. BUt it's for a good reason! I have a few projects I'm working on, and it's close to the holidays and! I just finished up my finals. You can see where I'm going right?

I thought it'd be a good time to clue you in on a few things I'm doing as well as officially bid y'all Merry Christmas, Happy Haunnaka and Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays. I know the blog has been quiet this December and I am here to say it will be quiet for the rest of December.  Since I'm working on a few things my December is booked and most of the fun stuff I am working on won't be ready for y'all till January. 

In this interumI will be doing some basic blog work and hopefully y'all can see that I set up a newsletter which will be so bomb come January (with all the stuff I'm doing) and! I finally got myself a header which I made myself (yay me!). There are some other thins on the blog that I'm looking forward to doing on the blog too but it's minor maintenance.

So exactly do y'all have to look forward to? Well I'm starting this monthly blog series that are talking to some groovy poc who are doing bomb stuff.  Not only that but January has a cool lineup of posts to look forward to. We're talking about how to be a better college student in the new semester, why the beauty community needs to discuss racist brands, and maybe some makeup product reviews? I am really looking forward to the new year!

Also if you don't mind please if you're interested sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on IG! I definitely put sneak peaks of what I'm working on up there! Anyway again happy holidays and see y'all in the New Year! Have a great holiday!

Sweet Perfume Wishlist

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 Don't tell my friends this but....I really love perfume and smelling good. I especially love anything that smells sugary or dessert like. It's my secret passion and I have been this way for a really long time. I was eight years old when I was introduced to sugary perfumes and since then I haven't looked back. From that point on I was obsessed with smelling like what I thought a (warrior) princess smelled like. In the eleven years since I got my first perfume, I have spent every moment searching for perfumes or lotions that would help me achieve my ultimate goal.

I used to go through my aunties' cupboards and vanities in order to use their lotions and perfumes, I was really that bad. And I haven't changed at all since then. If anything my perfume preferences have only gotten stronger. Smelling like a bakery is the ultimate goal and I have desperately looked all over the internet to find perfumes that will allow me to smell as good as I think I should. At long last, I have found a select few perfumes that have my name on it and drafted them into a very small wishlist.

1)  Pink Sugar
2. Let Them Eat Cake
3) Lollipop Bling Honey
4. Mad Potion

Oh and before I forget the perfume that sparked my interest in sweet smelling perfumes was actually a Bratz perfume. Wild right? It had Jade on it, it was lilac and I had picked it out myself. Actually, the funny thing about this is I was quite upset that they didn't have the Sasha perfume only the Chloe and Jade ones and resigned myself to picking Jade because I didn't like Chloe's perfume at all and that was my only chance at picking an inexpensive but girly perfume.

Oh and I apologize for the absence but! it was finals week and I really had to study. But in my absence, I did make some blog decisions and am starting a really exciting series in January and also am working on a lot of little projects and things!

Do you have any perfume recommendations? What's on your wishlists?

Monthly Recaps 003 - November

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Is it just me but did my summary of November speak for itself? Like any middle child, November is held up to tons of expectations and ultimately can feel stuck between edgy and interesting October and cheery and well loved December. She had some letdowns but on a personal note, she was pretty good to me! Lots of great things happened this November and some terrible things *cough * the US presidential election *cough*.  Also, I kind of decided to change up the layout of my monthly posts (and add some new bloggy stuff) because I wanted something neater looking and I guess this was it? I'm not sure how I feel yet but we will see!

In Life

Actually life round these parts as I spent this month whole has been quite and mostly I spent time trying to find ways to earn some cash on the side. I signed up for Swagbucks and that has been a little fun and also People Per Hour. PPH is a place where you can freelance some work and you get paid for it. I learned about it from Tea Party Beauty and although my skills are restricted to just writing I'm hoping to land a client or two! But in the meantime I'm honing my blogging skills and picking two things to improve upon and that has been my photography and SEO. Also really interestingly, I signed up for this cool Instagram talk/course held by Hellene In Between and I'm interested in her course and what she's going to talk about that is different to the average Instagram course/post. I'm hoping that the tips my friend from school gave me about taking pictures and the actual pictures we took could somehow be utilized to their fullest after this course!

On the Interwebz

I've fallen in love with all the little fall leaves that exist to stick to my boot

In the End

December is upon us. Although my ability to blast Christmas music all year round has somewhat limited my ability to understand exactly when it's time to break out the festive jams, I’m relatively excited but also saddened that it’s December. Excited because I will finally have finished my first semester of college, but saddened because it seems that all of my friends are going home for Christmas and I am spending Christmas in the US. I will have all my family but I won’t get to see my little squad.Though I will have my family with me so I cannot complain too much. This December I know I will be working very hard to just learn some things and also take a well-needed break from college. December can and will feel like a hectic month, what with finals coming up and then Christmas coming right along after. Hopefully December will allow me to have new opportunities and also time to rid myself of anything negative before the New Year starts.  If everything goes as planned December (and the New Year) are going to be pretty great, and even if they don't all that holiday time cheer will still make things pretty nice.

How was your November? How do You like the format of this post? Let me know in the comments!

Two Budget Friendly Black Cherry Lipsticks for Winter

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My previous talks about makeup may make it seem that I have some issues around makeup and how it's used and that is totally true. But that isn't to say I'm not a huge makeup lover! I do adore makeup and I love having a nice selection of makeup at my disposal. However, I am kind of guilty of reaching for only a specific color in my small stash of makeup. I constantly find myself reaching for black cherry lipsticks. I have a total of three of them, and out of entire lipstick stash, two of these dark lipsticks are my absolute favorite.

Stepping up my pinterest game from 0 to 0.5

I  love a good dark lip, especially for winter but the color I adore the most is black cherry. In my most humble opinion, this color looks so good on everyone. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that black cherry has a real depth of color that most reds or purples don't usually have. They usually have really deep purple tones to it and depending on the light and the formula it can shift between black, deep red, and purple.

 My two favorite lipsticks are from two drugstore brands, so y'all know this budget friendly and accessible to everyone. I do have one high end black cherry lip color but the formula on it is probably one of the worst formula's I've ever tried. I mean the two products from the drugstore brands have it beat by a million to one.

Top : Scarlet Night from Elf  // Bottom: Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild

Scarlet Night from Elf definitely has more red in it than my second lipstick pick (Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild). I am in love with this shade and the formula is perfect! The only downside to it is that it kind of has this lipstick smell to it, that sort of waxy smell. You only really notice it when you use it and the smell  disappears when you wear it but the initial application of it can be unappealing.  It has a little sharpener at the bottom of the tube located in the colored portion of the stick. I'm not sure how I feel about it since you do waste a bit of product whenever you sharpen it but then again you can't really beat that precise lip line it can give you.  This is has a matte formula. It can feel a little dry if you don't properly moisturize your lips beforehand but it's not an uncomfortable dry. The wear on this is okay and can last 4 hours without the consumption of any food or drink and without any lip licking (of which I am guilty of!). Oh! Did I mention that this product is only $3? Aside from the smell, it's a pretty solid product and it's so inexpensive! Perfect for those of us, who are in college and have a tight budget!

Elf Matte Lip Pencil and Wet n Wild Lipstick

The other lipstick is Wet n Wild's Cherry Bomb. My favorite aspect of this lipstick is that it wears away well and it leaves behind a pretty pink stain. So even when your lipstick is gone you still look nice and put together. There isn't a smell to this one, so sensitive noses will appreciate that. I prefer to use this product with a brush since obviously you can't get a precise lip line with a used lipstick. Also, this product looks great when used as a stain or just lightly dabbed on. Unlike Scarlett Night, it's easily dabbed on and it looks great when done so! The slightest flush of this color is wonderful when you want to understate your lip. This is supposed to be a matte lip look, but it does have a bit of sheen to it and it definitely doesn't last as long as Scarlett Night could. However that being said it's not super shiny, but it is a very comfortable wear on the lips. I think this product was also $3? Either way it is super affordable and very budget friendly!

I really like using both lipsticks together. I use Scarlet Night as a lipliner and then I use Cherry Bomb on top of it. They look very nice together and it helps me get a cleaner lip outline. Also, my lip color lasts longer when they are used together.

Bottom Left: Wet n Wild's Cherry Bomb // Bottom Right: Elf's Scarlet Night 

How do y'all feel about dark lipsticks?  What are you favorite affordable lip picks? 

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Styles to Wear Before the Big Chop

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If you are going natural then you probably are both excited and nervous for your big chop. It kind of feels like the first time you went on a real date with a boy you really liked. I for one have no idea what that feels like but I assume you have butterflies in your stomach and you are not necessarily sure if it's the good kind. I mean it's not too late for you to turn back, you can still get a perm and reap the benefits of permed hair while you can! I won't be mad at you, heck I won't even bat an eye! I get it! There are tons of potential benefits to having permed hair and going natural, though more favorably looked at now, is still a big process. Things really do change for you if you are going natural. Trust me, I'm only one month in and I feel different.

Either way, we know the big chop is a big thing. Bigger than that time you got your first job and that time in middle school you screamed "Sorry" at your crush when you almost bumped into him in the halls and you heard him and his friends laughing afterward. Because the Big Chop is a big deal, you may want to prolong it as much as possible. Maybe you want to grow your hair out longer, so that when you do get it cut off you have a lot more hair left than you would now. Maybe you want to wait and see if you really are ready to go through with this. Persnaps, you want to save up some cash for treating yourself to some lush hair treatment when you go for your big chop. Whatever your reason, it can seem almost pesky the way your hair doesn't do what you want it to, especially if you are hanging on to a bit of permed hair at the ends.

Here are some styles that can help with hiding your permed ends. I've used these styles in the past when I was in between perms and also am utilizing them now as I await my big chop.

Twist Out
On a personal note, my hair doesn't look good when I do twist outs. It's most likely because I haven't mastered it yet. Whatever the reason, I will tell you that this is the main style my hairdresser recommended I try in order to hide my permed ends. It helps create a curl and disguise permed straight ends. Twists outs create loose curls/wavy hair (the way it looks depends on a lot of factors like whether the hair is dry when you took them out, your natural hair type etc). It's fantastic because there are so many tutorials out there to help you get it done right, and also it's a very simple and easy style to utilize. I love the look of them, especially when they're not so freshly done. It creates this effortless beachy/windtossed look.

Bantu Knots 
 I'd like to thank the gods, Mother earth, and Sister Moon for bantu knots. Like I said, my hair doesn't look nice when I do twist outs. However when I do bantu knots (and then take them out), it feels like the stars are alligned and mercury has moved out of retrogade. My hair curls up in the cutest way and my permed ends are neatly hidden under the power of the bantu knot. I feel so much more confident when I have done my hair like this. It feels close to my natural hair texture and it looks it as well. So, ergo, i feel like my hair has reached that ultimate natural girl stage. The stage in which your hair is healthy and well taken care of and your natural curl pattern (whatever it may be) has been fully realized and embraced.

Protective Styles
 Protective styles will save you! It can light the way! The stars shine when you have protective styles in. Your hair takes time out of it's busy day to say thank you when you go to protective styles. No one will pay attention to your ends and you can enjoy the freedom of doing whatever you want to your hair. Want an updo? No problem! How about a ponytail? Do it! Basically any style you can do on your hair normally (whether it's straight or not!) is available to you via protective hair styles.Protective styles were my go to as a kid. I hated having my hair out because I had to do it and protective styles just got it out of the way but also gave me the benefit of protecting my hair from all kinds of things. (But I also did it too much and ended up having tons of breakage because of not properly theres that...)

Pull it Back
 It's boring but oh so nice. Just pulling your hair back into a bun or some sort of twisty bun like thing can be so dang rewarding. Smacking your hair down knowing it will stay in pace during a long day can feel like a gift from the Earth herself. I don't know what it is about pulling back my hair when it's not been permed for a while, but there's something about it. I mean the less I mess with it the better my hair is. It'll grow out faster, it will just do it's thing and I don't have to worry about it or my ends looking a mess. Just be aware that wearing your hair tie in the same position/place can cause breakage around that area.

Braid Outs
 I love a good braid out. Even when I had straight hair I used to like how pretty the waves looked when I undid some braids I had in. I loved it even more after I took out the cornrows I had gotten as a kid. Not only is it super easy but it's super pretty and does a lot for your hair and for your ends.

What are your favorite natural styles?  Got any natural hair tips?

Edit: I've finally big chopped. The maximum length of hair that was cut off was maybe 4 inches, so while it's not a lot for my short hair it's a pretty decent amount of hair to hang on to. I did not go to a salon to do it, since I'm not back in Bermuda and probably won't be for a while, and that's where my hair salon is. I actually asked my dad to do it and while that may seem like a major risk on my part, my dad is good. He has an eye for these things and regularly cuts his own hair, and my brother's hair (which is actually a big deal because my bro's hair is longer than mine and it's styled). Not only was I nervous but I was so excited. Like I was containing all my bouncy energy watching my dad buzz and snip at my hair until the permed bits were gone. Now everything is so smooth sailing, I wear it all puffy in an afro and I just really love my hair.

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Do Bloggers Have to be Relatable?

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If my memory serves me right then not too long ago there was a massive talk or upsurge about the idea of relatability of bloggers and the fact that bloggers should/shouldn't be more relatable. At that point in time, my blog was just being rebuilt, and I had posts queued up and wasn't really interested in talking about it. But now I am and there is no time like the present to weigh in on like a 3-month-old debate. I'm late to the party but if you know me then you  expect nothing less.

In my loud,often humble, and sometimes wrong opinion, I don't think bloggers have to go out of their way to be relatable. I mean for some people they are just naturally the kind of person who is willing to share their ups,downs and oh my god don't moments. Some bloggers don't want all of their information and moods out there and prefer to keep their blog as a certain space for their readers and themselves. Neither is better and I think that both are good and can co-exist in the same large blogosphere.

To be honest I rarely relate to any blogger I follow. No, honestly I don't. Most bloggers I follow are a couple years older than me, with jobs and responsibilities I don't have. Most bloggers don't look like me or talk about the same things I do.  A lot of bloggers don't have the same morals as me, nor do they think about the same things I think about. Also, I'm kind of boring. I don't go out and I don't have loads of friends and I don't do a lot of things. A lot of bloggers do go out, have a few close friends they can hang out with and generally can appear to be extroverts (or extroverted introverts). I don't connect with them. But that doesn't mean that they aren't good bloggers or that no one relates to them. On the contrary, tons of people relate to that and by the looks of things, a lot of bloggers appear to be similar situations.

Is this picture relatable or not? Do bloggers take pictures of artsy things?

I don't blog as much about beauty because my makeup collection is tiny and it features brands that I don't necessarily support anymore. I did a massive purge of my makeup collection before I went to college and have only bought a few things since being out here. Also not kidding but I'm on the broke side and unless a brand is willing to float me some cash or ask me to try out their products it's very unlikely that my makeup cache is going to grow any bigger. I just don't have the cash or clout to have a large makeup collection.  Does this make me more relatable or less relatable?

Neither really. If you find me relatable that's great and if you don't then well that's fine too. And to be honest that's where I'm going. I love following bloggers who have a different lifestyle than I do and I love following bloggers who are the opposite of me and who don't necessarily talk about the things I do. It gives me something interesting to read, to gush and to yearn for.I guess sometimes I do want a blog that I can relate to and a blogger who I look at and can go 'Oh we are just so alike'. But I mean...I have other bloggers for that and they don't necessarily overlap and that's fine.

I honestly don't see the issue with being relatable and the whole debate about being completely open online or having different personas offline vs online. I mean I guess when it comes to people straight up lying then it becomes an issue with me but for things like being different online versus offline? I think that's a mixed bag. Your perception of a blogger online and your expectations of them can cause a lot of issues when meeting them and also it also depends on how much they share online.

I think that I could be considered standoffish or anti-social if you were to meet me offline and it's not because I want to be that way! I'm so shy and I get nervous with meeting people and am a lot less open than I am online. I don't have to worry about the way I look or sounding weird or really anything that causes me to be less than the person my close friends and family know me to be.

St the end of the day your blog is both a brand and a journal. Bloggers sometimes will keep all the bad stuff to themselves (because they aren't comfortable with it) and sometimes bloggers won't. It really all depends on the blogger and I think the idea of being 100% open about certain* things can be a little unnecessary and invasive. A blogger doesn't have to share everything about their lives and if they want to show the good things then that is up to them.

*Certain things means like bad feelings or kind of personal things that affect the blogger rather than the audience. I think being honest about how much you make from your blog or sponsored posts and things like is pretty much the only way to go because it affect's the blogger's audience as much as it does a blogger.

How do you all feel about the talk about blogger's relatability? What do you think is important about this topic? Let me know!

All Hail the Mighty Follicle

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oday on the blog we are talking about body hair! Ah, yes can y'all hear it? The sweet, sweet sound of people simultaneously groaning in pain, and grunting in shear (haha, you see what I did there right? hair? Ha!) terror! *cue the Vincent Van Ghoul laugh from Thriller*
All joking aside, body hair (I'm talking all hair minus eyebrows and head hair) is a serious issue. Whether you choose to remove it, or not, it seems to be a pretty big deal. There are tons of cultural ideals, issues, and discussions on the removal of body hair, especially when it concerns women. Should we do it? Should we not? Should we dye it a whole bunch of rainbow colors or is virgin underarm hair still in style?

You can't tell by my legs...they are hairy

The fact of the matter is that lots of people care and have an opinion about body hair. It may differ from their opinion about their personal body hair, it may not. Unless you're (in my opinion) a lucky chucking person you probably have body hair. If you don't have any, congrats! Not only has genetics worked in your favor, but a nice amount of people are jealous of you (myself included!). Also, I may or may not be considering whether or not you are  super human. I mean, as we all know, super humans are born with no body hair, I mean other than the stuff on his face does Superman, Captain America, and those other superhuman superheroes have body hair? I don't think so!

If you are a mere mortal with body hair then you know the fact that at some point in your life you may have been confronted about dealing with your body hair. Whether we deal with it or not should be our personal choice (though it may not feel like it sometimes). There are many reasons why people do or don't shave their body hair. Some people don't do it because it's against their beliefs, some people don't feel like it, some people couldn't care less and some people find it empowering.  There are some people who shave because they like the way they look without body hair (I really like the way my legs look when they're shaved!), some people do it to help them navigate society better, some people do it for dates, some people do it because its relaxing (me)!

Either way, whatever reason you shave, it's your business. And that's that.  I mean, no one should be able to come in and tell you why you should/shouldn't shave, but it's likely that it's happened and will continue to happen as you and your body hair go through your life long journey together.

But what do you do about it and what does it mean? Well, you could tell people to mind their own business and worry about themselves, or you could just do nothing. I mean keeping quiet, nodding your head all the while knowing you're not listening to their misplaced demands/advice is a thing too. Completely legitimate and 100% my favorite way of dealing with people who are trying to impose their ideas on me. It just allows situations to de-escalate and creates a lot less tension in a certain situation and I end up doing whatever I want anyways.

And those are kind of the not easy but first thoughts that come to mind when discussing this. I mean a lot of the time I do that but then I also realize that not everyone can do this and then they have to shave. There are circumstances that kind of force people to shave and there is also no shame in that either. If not shaving is getting in the way of you wanting to move through life in society in a specific way then it's fine to shave.

Body hair can mean a lot of things to different people. To me, it harbors very little meaning and I don't personally see it as a thing. My family was never strict on telling me when/when not to shave, and to be honest being a plus sized black girl, I had never noticed the prevalence of shaved women in the media. I was more focused on the fact that they were all thin and looked nothing like me, than their (lack of) body hair.

However, that's not the case with all people and many people find that not shaving is an act of rebellion and freedom against a system in which women have spent a lot of time comparing themselves to. There are also other reasons for not shaving or for shaving and honestly? Your reason is your reason. I shouldn't judge you or deem you a bad feminist for choosing to do this or that with you body hair (and I won't). I think that shaming people for body hair and shaming them for what they do with it, are pretty much on the same level of  'this is both bad and embarrassing from an outside point of view'. I mean...mind your business! Not your body? Not your business!

This also kind of connects to my previous post about makeup and why people wear makeup. Different topic but same idea. There is a very basic idea about shaving and not shaving and a very limited view in which mainstream feminism views body hair removal. Basically, it can surmount to something like "OH yeah I don't shave my armpits bc feck society and what men think and now I'm gonna dye it! Let's applaud women who choose not to shave while forgetting that some women have to shave. And if you shave for anyone other than yourself, especially *gasp* a man, your still suffering under the #patriarchy".

This kind of perspective is annoying and again it ignores the nuances and intricacies that affect different women (Not all women share the same experiences, remember!). Imean this perspective and wanting to do this is fine but the way it's framed is usually in a way the focuses on white feminist who fit this very specified view of what beauty is. MOst girls who are framed in this way and are applauded for this are thin, white women who are relatively pretty. And obviously there is nothing wrong with looking this way but it excludes and ignores the tons of women who just don't look this way and creates this vaccum in which women who don't fit this specified look end up being treated bad. And like my previous post you being a feminist doesn't equate to whether or not you shave. Shaving or not shaving isn't a topic in which your feminist card is revoked and put under review. And if you shave for anyone other than yourself (even if it's for a man) then it doesn't make you not a feminist.

There is actually so much more I would love to say about this topic but I don't have the knowledge or even the correct way of wording it in order to get my thoughts about this topic out there. 

Also quick note: I'm really sorry about my last posts and how I had zero photography on them, I  was majorly sick last weekend (and for most of the week) and wasn't able to do any form of photography in the slightest. I will be going back and posting a few pictures on them!

Tell me how long have you gone without shaving (mine was like 4 months, beat that!)! What do you think about shaving? Are you still suffering under the #partriarchy? Let me know in the comments below?

Dear Author

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I've been reading books since forever. I've always been an avid reader since I was little and have come to love books a lot. Not only that but as time has gone on, I've become more aware and into social justice and representation/diversity in media.  And you know I've realized that the book world still isn't as diverse as it should be. I mean there are a ton of more non-white authors on the market and a lot more non-white characters in existence. However, it's not as diverse as the book world should be and there are some major flaws in it. I mean there are so many popular books out there that are touted as being 'so good' and 'must reads' but are so racist. And to be honest it's the fault of the author. And I'm getting tired of it. I deserve better and I know it. I shouldn't have to contend with charters that are based on racist tropes or having that one token black character. So I'm going straight to the source and speaking to the authors.

Dear Author,
Please, please,write more black characters. Please write black girls wielding swords and fighting for kingdoms. Write black mages who wield so much power they don't know what to do with. Write mermaids, elves, fairies, and make them black and proud of it. Write me a black girl who is meek and shy and powerful who falls for a pretty boy and doesn't know how to balance the power of her being the chosen one with normal teenage things. I want black shapeshifters, and black angels and black assassins. I want black steampunk heroes who twirl cogs into their hair and are the mastermind behind taking down their corrupt society. I want space captains who are black and are juggling the moral issues of conquering and enslaving another sentient race and their sense of duty.  I want black characters with the same backgrounds and depth that their white counterparts get. Please write more of us in your books.

Dear Author,
 Stop making black token characters and stop making us into the ugly racist tropes that have existed for years. I wanted a black magician not a magical negro. I wanted a strong and powerful black woman, not a freaking angry black female whose whole purpose is to be angry and black. I want a wisecracking and intelligent no-nonsense black lady, not a sassy black friend. Stop writing street wise black thieves, villains, assassins, bodyguards,and warriors and calling them thugs. Stop writing us as if we aren't real and have the capacity for complexity your white characters do. Just because they are black doesn't mean they can't be well rounded characters. If you can't write us and write us in a way that doesn't rely on racist stereotypes and tropes then you aren't a good writer, no ifs , ands or buts about it.

Dear Author,
 Stop creating characters who are coded as black  but say 'they don't have a race. My story doesn't involve race'. You are bsing yourself and doing the most to be seen as a racist author. If they were in a real life, modern day AU (alternate universe) would they be black/considered as black? What about fan casting? Are you going to fan cast them as a white actor/actress or are you going to go with a person who actually resembles your character? Are you going to pull a hunger games and pick someone who looks nothing (nothing!) like what your character is said to look like? Your character regardless of whether or not race exists in your world can have a race. They can be black, they can be white, they can be whatever you want them to be. You just have to take time out and think about it. There is nothing wrong with being black, you realize this yes? So why won't you let your character be black?

Dear Author,
 Stop putting white characters into a mystical nonwhite world in which some greater and culturally significant power choose them as their chosen one. For some reason y'all love this trope and I don't understand why? Can't y'all do your white savior thing somewhere else? Also, does this make sense? Why would a powerful nonwhite god,goddess, or some higher power that has major cultural significance pick your super white character as their chosen one? This god has millions of people to pick from why would they single out your character as the only ultimate chosen one? Especially considering that at one point in time your white character's ancestors probably had a hell of a lot to do with the colonization and imperialism of their country and destruction/appropriation of their culture. Not to be that person but as a goddess it would make zero sense for me to choose my champion as some random white girl half way across the world who has no connection to my people, no connection to my culture, whose people have most likely contributed to some form of destruction of my culture and the land I deem holy? Why not one of my people who know and revere me? Or hey why not one of my people who doesn't revere me but is willing to help me because they understand my significance within their culture? Damn why not my people who are affected by the diaspora who literally want to find a connection to their culture and their people but don't know how or where to start? We could have a symbiotic relationship in which I teach them and help them understand their culture and they help me do my magical and powerful business? I have a smorgasbord of people to choose from who are of my culture and are probably connected to it in more ways than one. So again, why choose the white girl who isn't connected to my culture? #JustSayin

Dear Author who Writes Historical Fiction,
Black people existed in Victorian, Elizabethan, etc times. We were right there, whether we wanted to be there or not. So please stop acting like your periodical drama set in a certain time can't have black people in it. It is less historically accurate if you have all white people there.  But don't make us a throwaway character or a token character.

Dear Author,
 Please think of your audience. I have struggled for a long time with finding characters who look like me. Characters who I can pick who are me. I said last week that I was a major fan of Rory from The Bloodless Assassin by Celine JeanJean because honestly a lot of it has to do with the fact that I connect and identify with her. She has hair that naturally locks up into her ropelike hair (I have feelings about the term ropelike...but regardless of that, her hair registers as dreadlocks) and she's brown. Those things make me think of her as a black girl and honestly reading about her made me want to cry. Just like the way that reading about Rhis from Assassin's Charge and the way that Sara Fairchild from Blades of Magic made me want to cry. I don't get characters often that I identify with and love. Just having one feels like an achievement and a little nod of the head that someone in the fiction/fantasy/genre is looking out for me.

Dear Author,
Stop writing about the black experience if you aren't black. You don't understand it. You never will and in the process you are probably making a ton of egregious errors that are borderline racist or respectability politics or some other social issue that you don't even realize you are making. You can write characters who are black but don't write as if you are black. There's a difference and it's as plain as day. Also your use of AAVE or whatever "slang" you think you are using is wrong and it's at least 10 years out of date and not contextually correct. You are embarrassing yourself and giving me intense second hand embarrassment. Please stop that.

 Dear Author,
Don't pull a J.K Rowling and say so and so is a non-white character as if it's an afterthought. I see through your stable of horse manure and I know exactly what you did. I will not take that and accept it. I don't want your throwaway minor characters who have only one mention in your novels.  I deserve more than that.

Do you have any books with diverse leads? Do you have any diversity related wishes authors just don't do? Tell me some of your favorite books where the lead character isn't white? 

Taking Care of Business ❤ Crash Course College #2

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Back it again at Krispy Kreme! I am back with another post and this is Crash Course College. I'm a freshman in college and I thought a little college advice series would be great. I'd learn things, make huge and embarrassing mistakes, write about them and show you all what not to do. I mean, if I can help people avoid looking like a major dork, then it would be worth it. Also, I thought that if y'all laughed at me in the process, it wouldn't be too bad either. I need all the help with humor I can get.

This time I'm going to tell you some things you should take care of as soon as you possibly can. College is like....a really big pile of laundry. Everyday the pile gets bigger and bigger until an avalanche of dirty clothing occurs and you end up with old t-shirts, and stained jeans  just perfuming your olfactory system. Basically it stinks and unless you take care of things in a timely manner you will end up drowning in your own problems and filth.There are a few things that I would recommend you take care of as soon as possible just to make the whole college life a little more easier to deal with.
Me chilling not thinking about all the stuff I have to do...jk...I was actually thinking about how bomb my pants are


Listen we both know that we both hate homework. Not a day goes by in which I like doing my homework. It does not matter what kind of homework it is, it may even be slightly fun homework, I hate doing it. Which is why I try to do it as soon as possible. Getting your homework for the week done as quickly as possible leaves you open for actual fun things, like blogging, photography, and doing fun things that college kids do. If you get set homework today try and knock it out within the next two days. If you get a really long essay get a little bit done everyday.  Trust me, if you can do this even just a little bit, your life will be a little bit easier.

Schedule things

I am coming up on the time in which I have to plan and schedule my next semester's classes and my god I will not be making the same mistakes I made in my first semester. If you have scheduling issues get them fixed as soon as possible. Maybe you hate a class and want to change it, maybe your class at 9 am isn't for you and you would rather a later class. Whatever it is, get it done now. My school had a 3 week grace period at the beginning of the semester in which those kinds of things could be fixed and I wish I had taken advantage of it a little earlier. I ended up in two classes taught by different teachers at different times and problems happened. Not only had I missed a large amount of the teachings that happened (and my first mid term was literally only 2 weeks away) but I had to get used to a whole new schedule and new teaching styles. Absolutely could have avoided it if I had talked to my advisors sooner and fixed it.


Okay, listen I hate studying a lot more than y'all know. I am an avid study procrastinator. If I could ace all my classes and not study I would. I'm sure we all would, but we cant. So instead of screwing over yourself and getting no sleep before your exams, how about we all take a collective pledge to study sooner and get it out of the way. Reading the material (something that I only do when the exam deadline is looming) and reviewing your notes isn't actually a time-consuming process and if you do it bit by bit, it will really help you in the end. I think I'll create a post of study tips soon to tell you all some things that have really helped me get decent grades in my first semester.

Mandatory events/Participatory things/Requisites of your Course

I'm not sure if all courses do this but for some of my classes I have these mandatory events and extra homework type things that I have to do in order to get credits/grades for my class. For example for my Intro Psychology class I have to participate in a few psychology experiments or alternative assignments in order to get a certain amount of hours needed in order to pass my class. Now that you get what I'm trying to get at, knock those things out of the way as soon as possible. If you don't you will really regret it when you're scrambling to get those mandatory things done. I just managed to complete all the hours needed for my Psych course and I could have danced on my own grave with delight. I don't have to worry about it now and now I just have to focus on the other mandatory things from other subjects (yikes). Basically the more you do now the less you have to do later!

I hope this post wasn't too nag-y and I didn't end up sounding like your mum because if I did...then I hope I sounded like your mum but cooler, and not so nag-y and more like concerned with giving you little sprouts of wisdom that you one day will look back on and realize I was right about. You should also be thinking about passing on my infinite wisdom to your children, or dogs, whichever one matters to you more.

What do you hate doing that you leave till the last second? On a scale of 1 to 10 exactly how big of a procrastinator are you?

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5 Kindle Unlimited Books You Have to Read

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Y'all have any idea how difficult it is to find really good but cheap books? I love a little novel or a book series but it's so hard to find one that isn't terribly written or have this super ugly and kinda gross plotline.Especially if you're into the fantasy,science fiction, or sci-fi genre of books. I have a lot of things I look for when I browse for new books and a lot of it really revolves around a great heroine/hero and having a plotline that doesn't involve too much romance (although the occasional romance driven book is nice!), and also a main love interest that doesn't absolutely annoy the crap out of me and doesn't have those gross creepy tendencies that seemed to explode after Twilight gained popularity. That being said I also am willing to try tons of different books and see whats what and so I bring you this post.

I decided to take a break from serious posts to write a little fun/care free post talking about some books that I love. I have another post coming up very soon talking about race and whitewashing and ultimately how much I loathe (LOATHE) racially ambiguous characters and authors who refuse to give their characters a race/ethnicity. But again that is not this post and that's a post for another day. This post is a small list of kindle unlimited books (if you don't have Kindle Unlimited and read a lot then I *youtuber voice* Highly Recommend you get it). These are books I love and have read multiple times and I even shockingly am signed up for their reader's list, and that's not something I do often.  That being said not all of these books are perfect and I do take issues with some tropes, or things within them that actively makes me go 'oh god no!'.

Assassins' Charge - Claire Frank

A ruthless assassin, known as the Reaper's Bride is hired to make the biggest contract of her life. With a perfect record and reputation that no one can touch, she is hired to  kill someone she can not kill, a child. This is such a well written and good book. It's got these great dynamic relationships and Rhis is a very well fleshed character. I love all the characters in the book, and am hoping with an intense passion that there is a second book with these characters! There is so much that needs to happen or that could happen. I did find the relationship between two characters to be rushed and didn't add up quite right but! I did like their interactions. You honestly come to love Rhis by the end if you didn't already love her at the beginning. She has this delicate balance between fragile and strong and I think the creation of Rhis must have been so carefully and intricately planned out. It was done so well I'm in awe.

 The Viper and the Urchin - Celine Jeanjean

 If you know me, you know how much I love this book. Rory is an urchin with a penchant for thieving and a love of swordwork. Longinus is a well-bred man who is known as the greatest assassin in Damsport with an intense fear of blood. Together they make the best duo out there.  Rory and Longinus are the characters that I have been waiting my entire life for. They are spunky and they oppose each other but they work well together. The thing that got me though was the writing, the descriptions and the fact that everyone in Damsport is brown. They live in a tropical area and they are brown. For me, this is a big thing because not only is it correct geographically (in hotter areas people tend to be darker etc) but I've read so many books where people live in a hot/tropical area and the people are as pale as pale comes.I just *sigh* love this book and am so excited for book 3 and I just really relate to it (me coming from a hot humid tropical-ish place myself)! Also, I am hoping that Celine Jeanjean talks about Rory's race or even does a fan cast about Rory simply because Rory to me reads as being black coded (kinda like Garnet from Steven Universe) and I'd love to see who she would cast as Rory. Actually, she does have a post on her blog about the ethnicity
of the Damsians but I'm too nervous to read it...

Seabound Chronicles - Jordan Rivet

Jordan rivet is the author of two series I do really love and the Seabound Chronicles was the one I adore the most (no hate towards Dara and Sev! I love them too but their story isn't done yet!). It's basically about a post apocalyptic world in which everyone lives on the ocean and tries to survive. But things don't go right and our heroine (who is so bad by the by!)  is left trying to pick up the pieces. This is such a well-told story and I honestly couldn't have picked one book to be a favorite and I think that these books should be read consecutively. With other novels on the list I think you should break before reading the next one. Maybe have some tea, maybe go on a month long journey into space with your hoppy froody friend. But not with this book. Don't do that here. Once you're done, take a minute to breathe and take it all in but then quickly get the next book. Also, it's got a ton of action and intrigue and just plain brilliant moments in it. Some parts are tense and some parts are less tense. Surprisingly once I got to the end of the novel I was so satisfied. I didn't want more, I didn't need anything else, I just accepted and felt good about it. If that doesn't say much, then I don't know what does. Also like most of these books I really connect with it! I'm an island girl, I love the ocean and I love boats and honestly I think setting this novel on boats and marine settlements is brilliant and not really well used in apocalyptic sci-fi.

Penryn adn the End of Days Series-  Susan Ee

I literally dislike most angel x human books I read. I started reading Hush,Hush and kinda hated it. It put me off the whole angel loves humans kind of thing. Penryn and the end of Days series however put me back onto that train. this is anotherb ook series that I reccomend you read one after the other with no breaks. It's that good. Penryn is this bad and strong girl who has to deal with a lot of things. The only thing she cares about is her little sister and staying alive. However angels ascending from the sky to kill all the humans, and to kidnap all the kids, kind of put a dent into that plan. She takes off on a whirlwind adventure to find her sister with her sworn enemy, an angel named Raffe. Hijinks, fightings, love, conflict etc, ensue. Basically I love this book. I physically have so many feelings about it that it's a little much. this book is well written first off. It's brilliant and it's got these plot holes that don't add up right and usually that would annoy me but it works. You have characters you hate and characters you love and characters that you will weep over because you wish you had loved them more than you did. There is romance in this book and it has heavy overtones of romance in it but it's not always the gross kind (sometimes it gets really sappy though) and I kind of enjoyed some of the romance surprisingly. It does feature a bit of 'will they,won't they' and that 'I'm a being of the supernatural and we shouldn't be together because it won't work' kind of trope in it. And usually that kind of annoys me but in these noves it works pretty well and has legit ament reasons behind it. Also I'm kind of a sucker for stories that involve mythology or even biblical stuff (think Dan Brown kind of biblical things) and it really hit the spot for me. It's got some really intense moments and some parts are a little graphic in terms of medical/violent things so be aware!

Blades of Magic - Terah Edun

Sometimes you love an author but the author doesn't love you back. Because if they did a sequel to their novel would be out now. They would not leave you hanging. In fact they'd take your hand and smack a tremendous high five right on your palm. But that's not this and be prepared to read a book that literally leaves you wanting more at the end and is so well crafted and interesting. Sara Fairchild is the daughter of the greatest warrior in the Algardis Kingdom and also the biggest traitor. She now lives scraping by and trying her best to keep her power uncontrol. Because if she doesn't she'll end up killing everyone and herself in the process. But things don't go as planned and she finds herself right in the middle of war facing her biggest fears and trying to regain back her honor. The premise, the world building, even the system in which magic/powers work is so good.The idea of being a fighter and loving fighting so much that it kills you and hurts people around you is an intense and really poignant concept. I love our leading lady because she is just such a Bamf. Ultimate Bamf but a Bamf with flaws. offense but....the heroine is black. Like I could dance on the table, I'm so passionate about non-white heroines especially black heroines (because...I, of course, am also black) and this book had me geeked. Not only is it well written and an interesting story but it's got a heroine that I could be you know? Diversity and Representation matters y'all.

What books have you been reading? Would y'all be interested in an interview post with one of these authors? How do y'all feel about racially ambiguous characters in books?

October in Food

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I'm a really big food person. I don't know if I'd be a foodie because I think of foodie's as people who go out to eat, but I do like the title and try to refer to myself as one. I wanted to do a quick food post about things I made this month. This month I went all out and definitely tried a few recipes that I haven't done before. I tried out a lot of vegan/vegetarian recipes.

Super tiny cinnamon roll made from extra croissant dough

Vegan sushi is a thing and I love it. It's quick and relatively easy and I love coming home and making some and eating it. It's more filling than you'd think and I adore putting in cucumber and bell peppers in it. I also made some sauce to go with it and it's a mayo (vegan mayo if you're vegan) , soy sauce, and honey plus sometimes pepper flakes.

Vegan Sushi

Simple hash with sweet potatoes and white potatoes peas, and kale

I made tons of hash with whatever I could get my hands on. I used butter or sometimes bacon grease to add flavor, so it wasn't vegan but it can easily be made vegan. I loved using a mixture of sweet potato and regular potatoes for this! The only interesting thing I tried out for dinner was stuffed squash and it was so good. Mostly vegetables (spinach,kale,sweet potato, other veggies) with a bit of meat.

Spinach and cheese muffins

Because I love to snack and am a snack fiend I made a good bunch of snacks this month. I made spinach crackers and lemony white bean dip which was so good and sadly they definitely weren't pictured. The bean dip also doubled as a spread for some veggie sandwiches and they were so good. I also made some spinach muffins adapted from this recipe and I really liked them. They didn't go over so well with the rents but my brother and I liked them. I also made some croissants from scratch and my god they are a labor of love. I used this recipe and they came out wonderful. If you do this recipe definitely make sure you let the dough sit in a warm place before you bake them, it makes a lot of difference.

Stuffing for spaghetti squash


For November I was thinking about maybe trying my hand at gnocchi, cinnamon rolls (maybe pumpkin cinnamon rolls?),  icebox cake, no bake granola/energy balls, pesto, and some sort of sweet muffin (mayhaps blueberry or chocolate?). Honestly though I'm really looking for a recipe that allows me to bust out my french rolling pin. Also just to let you know I do a little inter scream of delight every time I think about my french rolling pin. I love it so much!

Also super sorry for the shoddy/ugly food photographs! I'm not much experience with taking nice food pictures and also I didn't think about piling this together until last minute. I thought it would be cool!

Okay Bye, October ❤ Monthly Recaps #2

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Not to sound like a major cliche but like...October my dear, where did you go? You went by so fast it's like you weren't even here at all. Last month I wanted to blossom in October. And I'm not sure if I did or didn't. I think I did but honestly did I really? I came out of my shell a little and I did some new stuff at school but I don't think I blossomed. Maybe I unfurled a petal or two, but full out blossom? Nah. But that's alright, not every flower blossoms quickly.  However, that isn't to say that I didn't have a great October because I did.

I spent a good chunk of this month working on myself. I used up pretty much all my Lush stuff, the things I'd been saving up and purposely not using. And it felt good! Warm bubble baths smelling like the comforter bubble bar, silky water laced with coconut butter, and watercolor waves dyed with pinks and purples. The only thing I have left is my Life's a Beach body scrub and I'm planning on using that stuff up as well.

Since there are so few Lushes close by and also because I'm into trying new things, I think that the next time I want a bath product I'll head over and purchase something from Foxie Cosmetics. Not only is it all natural, handmade (by only one person, Foxie) and it's also not that badly priced in comparison to like Lush. Honestly, I can't help browse the site and want everything I see *puts the Hex Girls Bath Bombs (I'm a hex girl fan), the Bordon bubble bath and the Morticia Bath Bomb in my cart, and waits for the Chai+Vanilla Body Butter/Balm to come back in stock*. Okay, last thing is that the products are vegan and are good for y'all that have to deal with body aches.  **

Morticia Bath Bombs from Foxie Cosmetics

Musically I was banging A Seat at the Table by Solange. It was so good, a really beautifully produced album and hands down one of my favorite albums of the year. The interludes are beautiful and it's so unapologetically black and I love it. All the tracks are beautiful. I was also banging, bumping and bopping Rose Quartz by Tomo y Moi. I basically listen to it in order to study.

*thumps books against your screen* I watched Luke Cage and I'm yelling. I love it. You need to watch it! Get with it y'all, get on the winning side. Also, I did watch a ton of superhero movies (mostly Marvel as I am a Marvel Girl) and my opinions on the movies were relativly eh. I watched Suicide Squad, F4ntastic, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few other Marvel Movies (ones that I have already seen before). Out of all of the movies I watched, Guardians of the Galaxy was definitely the best, both visually and story-wise.

Shockingly (or maybe not?) I straightened my hair for a week in early October and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Jk, I knew that by day 2 I would prefer not to straighten my hair. Honestly, I would style my hair the night before and still have to straighten it after my morning shower like it wasn't worth it. But the good thing that came out of it is that I learned that shrinkage is a very real thing and that my hair is bob length even after my big chop which is nice to know. I think I'm doing wonderfully at making sure my hair is healthy.

I've been digging podcasts this month. I wasn't really into podcasts previously but I've found a ton of them that I love love love. I've been into TwibPrime, iFanboy, Spilled Milk, Black Girl Nerds, and Wait,What? Most of these podcasts are super funny and usually involve a dose of funny/geek talk. Also, it helps me keep up with all the comic books I am interested in but can't buy as of yet.

A Seat At the Table Cover Art

I try to talk about cultural appropriation and social injustices from time to time because those topics are important to me. But this article shed some light and information on cultural appropriation of food and I honestly never thought about it in that way. I love learning new things and learning new perspectives on different topics. I'm a major foodie so the article by Rachel Kuo about cultural appropriation and food was totally up my alley.  

Also, I am majorly proud of myself. I spent a lot of this month working on essays and just trying to survive the endless cycle known as midterms! So far I've been doing pretty well in my classes and been getting pretty good grades which I am thankful and excited about. Hopefully, as we get closer and closer to finals my streak of good grades will continue!

Cute Blue Typewriter from this Antique Store I visited

November is on her way in and I am thrilled but not so thrilled. I have so many midterms at the beginning of November that my head is spinning. But also I'm not sure what November has in store for me. November is a scary month. Smack dab in between two months that deal with festive spirit, November is the awkward and average middle child. November is supposed to be a month of relaxing and reflecting but I find myself more or less bored with what she offers me. Not to mention the whole likely hood that she will introduce me to my first taste of winter snow, something I have mixed emotions about.  Will she lull me into sleep? Will she present me with new opportunities? Or will she allow me to flop out and make a fool of myself? I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?

** Swear to Mother Earth and Sister Moon that I'm not sponsored by Foxie Cosmetics, I'm just giddy about this brand. Like..I really wanna try this and can't wait till I get some expendable $$.

What have you been doing this October? Anything new or exciting you got interested in? Let me Know in the Comments!

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Boys, A Job, and Ourselves (Among Other Things)

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You know there's nothing wrong with getting dolled up in the hopes that someone would notice. I mean despite what some people say, it's pretty chill to get cute for someone other than yourself.

I sit here one eyebrow stinging slightly after giving it a gentle pluck to remove any hair that doesn't fit the shape I want, thinking about how that one boy who is relatively cute that I see occasionally might notice me because of how to bomb my eyebrows are. Kidding, I actually didn't think that. But I did go all out with my makeup that one day I did see him. Highlight so bright he thinks I'm a sun goddess....that sounded clever in my head and there's no way to amend it or make it sound better. Edit: I'm totally over it...

But I DIGRESS! Anyway, the point is he probably didn't notice me and if he did it had nothing to do with how I look. So why do I try? Am I compromising my morals doing this? Is it really unfeminist to get cute for anyone but yourself?

The easy answer to that is no. No, it's not un-feminist to do your makeup in order to attract a boy. No, it's not un-feminist to get your hair done for anyone but yourself and to look good for people that aren't you. And no, it's not unfeminist to wear makeup and get dressed up and do things like shaving your legs for someone other than yourself.  There are multiple layers to the reasons why people have/don't have to do theses things (or even want to).  Getting a job, getting a date, being seen as competent, just even being able to pass or conform to what women are 'supposed' to look like, are all reasons why people do the things they do.

So , why is it seen as being unfeminist to do so? Well, I think that because of the fact that mainstream feminism  is essentially a very basic version of feminism that (I've seen) has a habit of denouncing/rebuking the idea that women can do things or perform 'traditional feminine' roles for anyone but themselves. Which is untrue and shows that basic feminism (intro feminism 100.99999) is just that, basic and inconsiderate of the nuances of the world.This sort of feminism is also referred to as white feminism (not to be confused with white women who engage in feminism, though the two sometimes tend to overlap).

An example of basic/white feminism is making the claim that women are paid 78 cents (is it 78 or 73) to a man's dollar. This is true but it's actually white women that make 78 cents while black women make less than that, Native American/Hawaiian women make less than that and latina women make less than that.The claim is correct but it wasn't inclusive of the fact that not all women make the same amount.

So anyway mainstream feminism really promotes this idea that women don't have to wear makeup, look good, conform to beauty standards unless they want to. Mainstream feminism also has this little creeping idea that if you do, do these things for anyone other than yourself (especially if it's for a man) it makes you a lesser feminist or not really a feminist. They rarely say this idea out loud but it still comes across in this way.

And although it can be so empowering to do stuff because you want to, that's not the reality of all women. Lots of women do conform to beauty standards and do traditionally feminine things for tons of reasons. I wear makeup because I want to, but I also know the way that (me wearing) makeup affects me and others around me. I know that I benefit from it and think that it helps me navigate through daily life better.  Other women wear makeup because they have to. I know women who wear makeup in order to work and be seen as competent or present a certain image of themselves at work (there's a study on this). I also know that there are women who don't have stereotypical 'feminine' features and use makeup in order to look more feminine and to align with what's typically thought of as womanly features. All these things basically add up to this greater need to survive in the real world. It is so difficult to navigate the real world already, now imagine adding other factors on top of it. Someone's makeup and doing it for people who aren't yourself, and for the purpose of being able to traverse through certain spaces, is the only way for a person to survive.

I mean I totally get the fact that most mainstream feminism wants women and girls to know that they shouldn't present themselves a certain way because a guy wants them to look that way (i.e wearing minimal makeup because guys think girls look better that way while they love wearing full faces of makeup). I just question the way that the message is being put out there. I agree that the way society forces women to perform and look a certain way is wrong and the expectations of what a woman is and should look like are beyond ugly. However, the proclamation that 'women wear makeup for ourselves' is false and creates this implication that women who wear makeup for someone other than herself (and *gasp* even worse a man!) are lesser feminists. I mean it creates this nasty wheel that causes lots of young girls to be confused about what 'good' feminists are supposed to be and makes them believe that because they don't do this certain thing it makes them bad feminists. And by god let's not go into the girls who are into feminism but also love getting cute to impress boys.

By the by, I think that looking good to attract/impress a boy is completely fine. I have no issue with girls who do this. I am a girl who does this. I love doing it too. I'm also fine with women who want to shave because they know their boyfriend/spouse likes it. The key phrase here is that they 'want' (say it with me now), want to do it. I have issues with the fact that women are goaded into doing things and looking a certain way by men when they would really prefer to look another way (am I making sense?).

Also, I have a huge issue with the image that is usually presented of women who choose to wear makeup for themselves aka the face of mainstream feminism. But, I feel like that's a talk for another time/day. I just think that I should end with this: Not all women's experiences are the same. Not all women wear makeup for themselves. Not all women have the privilege to do so.Wearing makeup for yourself is a wonderful feeling, but while outward appearances affect the type of life a person will experience, it's just not a realistic option for many women.

You're not a bad feminist for wearing makeup because you have to get a job, or you have to align what women are supposed to look like. Hey! You're not a bad feminist for wearing a lipstick that your datemate, crush, or potential suitor, likes on you. You're not a bad feminist for doing things that society is pressuring you to do. I think the message that we should be conveying is, do what you have to do and what you think is right for you. I guess, I just want young girls to know that feminism and whether you're a good one or a bad one, doesn't come from your reason for wearing makeup.

*I don't believe I covered every reason why a person wears makeup but know there are tons of reasons that are not necessarily in the control of the makeup wear-er. *

What are your opinions on this? Tell me a story about the time you got dolled up for someone other than yourself ! Why do YOU wear makeup?

Tiny Loves

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One of my favorite bloggers, Bianca Bass, posted a list of things that really delight her, and I was really inspired by her list. You know I just had to roll one out myself because that's what you do when you're inspired by another blogger. You do similar things to them but you give them credit for the idea...of course. Anywho! Here's my post of tiny things I love. They're not necessarily daily loves or anything like that it's just a list of small things that I really love and appreciate at this point in time.


  • Runny egg yolks over crispy hash
  • My new Zebra Midliner highlighters
  • Tea with the right amount of sugar and no milk
  • Warm days with low humidity
  • Fog first thing in the morning
  • Warm bubble baths
  •  Honey on saltines
  • The crunch of fall leaves under my feet
  • Codfish and Ackee and Potatoes
  • Johnny Bread made by my papa
  • Warm socks out the dryer
  • Singing really loudly
  • Bad Cosy Mystery Books
  • Whatsapp messages from my best friend
  • Someone saying 'flexing my complexion'  
  • Picnics on Coney Island (Bermuda)
  •  Beast by Peter Benchley  
  • The way Northshore smells during the summer 
  • My hair curling up when it's wet no matter how many times I brush it out flat
  • Alibis and Yesterday by Marianas Trench
  • Fishing off the rocks during high summer
  • Bio and Psych class
  • Seeing leaves slowly turn from green to red 
  • Fluffy Comforters
  • Fluffy and cottony hair (mine!!!)
  • Seeing my rabbit yawn (she's ugly-cute when she yawns) ,and binky and do anything remotely cute
  • The way Bermuda looks when you fly in on a nice day
  •  My dad bringing home fresh lobsters
  • Storm clouds
  • My mum's pumpkin soup
  •  My little cousins making jokes and smiling really big
  • Warm socks
  • The smell of timothy hay 
  • My nana's peanut butter cookies 
Did y'all notice that there was a theme with this? Psst....most of them involve food. I have lots of really good memories and loves that surround food and are the ones I think about when I think about things that I love. I don't know, maybe that's just me? Do y'all's best memories involve food? Mine do, that and like the feeling of being warm. Like warm soup and cold winter days (boom a two in one!) is one of my favorite memories. Or like hanging out on my great grandma's couch watching food network and eating chocolate frozen yogurt during like summer days/sick days. Oh and some of my most vivid memories are ones hanging out in this big inflatable pool filled with like chlorine water or even better salt water and eating watermelon.I guess that because I really love food and cooking and connecting to others via food. those memories are the ones that stick out the most to me.

What are some small things you love? 

10 Things About Me

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I guess it would be a good idea to tell y'all some fun facts about me. I mean, my blog is pretty new and y'all don't really know me that well. Despite the fact that you can always read a post I write and learn about me that way, it's not really a good way to get to know me, is it? Or maybe it is! I'm not sure. I just thought this would be a fun little post.

  1. I'm a Carly Rae Jepsen Fan. I first heard her sing sour candy like a while back and I dug it so much, I was just a fan since. I only heard her a few months before Call Me Baby came out but I've been a fan since. Store by Carly Rae Jepsen is a banger.

  1.  I'm not picky but there are food things that I absolutely abhor. I think coconut water is nasty, salmon is disgusting (unless it's smoked or raw) and that white chocolate is evil and it's not even real chocolate anyway and therefore it's a not only evil but a fraud. Also boiled eggs are ugh and I find that foods that have a gritty but applesauce-like texture to be inedible. *shudders*

  1. At 12 years old I shaved off my widow's peak and ultimately a good chunk of my forehead. The story goes like this: I have a widow's peak and hated it. So I shaved it off and at first it was all okay. I mean I looked fine and it didn't look that weird. But then...yikes. I shaved off more and more until I looked the shorter bandit from Home Alone. I got caught (because in the end we all do) and subsequently spent 3 months with deep bangs to cover up what I did. 

  1. If I hadn't gone to school to be a Biologist, I would have ended up enrolling in Culinary school or Art school.

  1. I'm slightly allergic to Locust and Wild Honey (the plant) but I still eat it (in small amounts). I'm not that allergic it just makes my tongue a little itchy.

  1. I want to create Web Comics. I have one that's going to be published really soon called GhostKid, and I have a second one that's being worked on. I've had it on the back burner for a year and won't start it until I am satisfied with my art.

  1. Anything less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, I feel like I'm freezing.

  1. I get told I'm intimidating by like everyone but the truth is...I'm actually really nervous and shy and I overthink things. Also I'm like...a really big nerd so.

  1. The Addams Family is one of my favorite shows. I love,love,love, the relationship between Morticia and Gomez. It's really like...loving and sweet. Also it's so cute how creepy they are.

  1. I got my nose pierced at 16 without my mother's permission. My mother said no but my dad as we were driving on the way to the tattoo shop, said that he'd take responsibility for it. So being the opportunist I am I said yes (go big or go home right?) but my dad forgot his id at home and he couldn't get it done without an adult's ID. So we ended up getting my mum's ID, telling her about it and getting it done.  It all worked out in the end.

Tell me something interesting about you!