Hey Zaire: Introduction

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Sometimes you just have to start over. Like, when you make what you think is going to be a bomb batch of brownies but they clump into some strange crystallized monster that sticks to your well greased pan. Or like when you run an inconsistent blog for two years and find that you just can't go on any longer. Like stagnant water it will either get worse or you can change the water.

So change is what I did. I changed the blogs, changed the URL, changed everything basically. A fresh start seemed more likely and more comfortable. What started out as a makeup blog did not want to stay that way. Makeup is my first love, and I adore it still but I don't want to confine myself to writing about just makeup anymore. I'm in university now, and things are happening real life things that are going to be very important and I want to talk about them. I want to give advice and discuss how things like that play out and how life works. I want more than just what I started back when I was 16.

So this, is the new blog.I definitely want it to be more personal and a lot more on a real level rather than it being a review type blog, you know?

So hello! As you can probably tell from my URL, my name is Zaire Q. Yes that is my real name and not some online pseudonym (not that I haven't tried to write under them before), and this blog is created from a cup of ashes of past blogs, a sprinkle of  silver eyeliner and a dash of tired-eyed wit. Let's hope this is enough to get someone to say 'Hey' back.

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