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Where do makeup/beauty aficionados go when they have sins that need absolving? Where ever and whomever y'all go to, sign me up because I need to go there. I have a confession and *sobs* it's a big one. I, Zaire Q, of the Hey Zaire blog, is a beauty sinner. My confession is that I don't differentiate between winter, summer, fall, or spring makeup.

Maybe I over-dramatized my situation just a bit (a lot) but, in my defense seasonal makeup (specifically winter makeup) is a huge thing within the makeup world! Lots of companies, bloggers, makeup aficionados, and other people talk about seasonal makeup. Lots of  them work hard to feature seasonal looks and lots of people get excited for when brands put out seasonal makeup. A lot goes into seasonal makeup! Tons of brands put out new collections in order to make it in time for summer/winter to change. Some brands release new colors in order to fit in with the trends in seasonally appropriate colors. I mean I think a lot of money,time and effort does go into creating the perfect winter/spring/etc color and look. So in my opinion, if an industry and those that engage with that industry put a lot of work, money and effort into something then it's a big deal.

I struggle with flat lays and taking pictures.

I mean, some would say it doesn't take much to excite bloggers  but I have never seen anything get bloggers excited like the way seasonal makeup does. In all my 3 or 4 years of reading makeup blogs, there are tons of bloggers that really pull out all the stops for seasonal makeup.

Y'all are by far some of the most patient and dedicated to-your-craft kind of people out there. You wait all year till you can wear your favorite color(s) and you don't even cheat once! Some of my favorite posts are ones where bloggers mention that  it's almost a certain season and that they are ready to rock their favorite colors. You can basically feel the excitement pouring out of their blogs.

I appreciate this! But, like math, time and some other human concepts, it personally doesn't mean much to me. Actually, I lie, math is important to me (I'm a science major) but not because I want it to be. But I digress! Instead of doing makeup seasonally, I wear whatever I want, whenever I want. Whatever I'm feeling dictates what colors I wear.

Obviously, it's not a revolutionary concept by any means and I only wanted to talk about it or have a discussion because I've read posts about transition/seasonal makeup.  That kind of idea has always been interesting to me and I have tried to do that once or twice before but I've never really stuck with it. I mean I would love to stick to a certain seasonal color scheme but it's in my nature to be very fickle about things.

Though tomorrow I definitely think I will be stunting in a really pretty plum/berry toned lip pencil from e.l.f, I think my winter look will totally feature super shiny/ highlighter saturated skin and probably lots of vivid pink. Basically I'm a season behind everyone else and doing this past summer's prominent looks during the winter. It'll be fun though! My highlighter will be so pale and bright, you'd think it was snow, with the way I'm reflecting light.

You can't see me now but I"m giving you that face you make when you say a really good pun. Yeah this face (it's a picture of a dog).

What do y'all think? Do y'all do seasonal looks? If so, why? If not, why? What's your winter 2016 look going to be?

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