What's the Stitch? ❤ Crash Course College #1

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I'm a freshman in college and I thought a little college advice series would be great. I'd learn things, make huge and embarrassing mistakes, write about them and show you all what not to do. I mean, if I can help people avoid looking like a major dork, then it would be worth it. Also, I thought that if y'all laughed at me in the process, it wouldn't be too bad either. I need all the help with humor I can get.

Packing clothes for college can be a scary and almost overwhelming thing to consider. Do you take the cute leather legging you've worn only once or do you bring that shirt you know you can't fit into but think you'd look great in if you did?  Here's a handy guide for helping you narrow down your closest! It's got a few tips, tricks and things to keep in mind when you're packing your bag.

I literally spent 5 minutes arranging my closet making sure it looked alright

 Matchy Matchy

Try and pack clothes that go together. I mean they don't have to match, but they should look nice together. My saving grace this past month of college is my closet. I've been so lucky that my closet somewhat goes together, since some mornings I just pull on whatever is the least wrinkled. It's a basic, black,white and grey wardrobe and honestly, I can't go wrong with whatever I pull out. If you know you can wear tons of tops with one pair of bottoms, then my god! Pack those tops and that one pair of pants! You will thank yourself when you have an 8 am class and you didn't have time to get breakfast let alone find something decent to wear.

4 Pairs and Maybe a Spare

You only  need like 4 pairs of shoes when you go school. No, trust me, only four pairs of shoes are needed at one time. Basically, you need a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, sandals, and maybe something more dressy. And if you're really savvy or are looking to save up a ton of space, your shoes will generally look good with the majority of your closet. Since my closet is mostly monochrome, I have mostly black shoes. And trust me, as someone who brought more than 4 pairs of shoes, I really don't wear them all. They just take up closet space and unless I go shopping  for new clothes, I won't wear the extra two pairs I brought with me.

Comfort Clothing

Only bring clothes that you feel comfortable in. Like yeah, those pum-pum shorts make your legs and butt look super good but you don't feel comfortable showing all that skin. So why bring them? If you don't feel comfortable wearing those clothes and having people see you in them, then don't bring them. There are too many stressful things in college already, feeling uncomfy in your clothes, should not be adding to your stress levels.

Switch it Up!

If high school is good for finding yourself, college is good for developing yourself. I mean you think you know who you are in high school but you really find that out in college, and the same goes for your clothing. You may have a style or you may not. And while it's good to stay within your comfort zone, it's also nice to try something different. College is such a good time to experiment with style, that you should jump at the chance to. The best way to do this is by buying something that is somewhat in your comfort zone. Case in point, I own a dress. I mean if you know me, then you know I'm a jeans and leggings kinda kid but lo and behold, I saw my dress in Rainbow and had to have it.  It's black, and quite plain but it's comfy, and it's not something I would have bought at home. I picked a type of clothing I wouldn't normally wear, but got it in a fabric and color I know looks good on me.


What are your go-to tips for picking out clothes to bring with you to college? Do you wish you hadn't bought something?

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