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Okay Bye, October ❤ Monthly Recaps #2

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Not to sound like a major cliche but like...October my dear, where did you go? You went by so fast it's like you weren't even here at all. Last month I wanted to blossom in October. And I'm not sure if I did or didn't. I think I did but honestly did I really? I came out of my shell a little and I did some new stuff at school but I don't think I blossomed. Maybe I unfurled a petal or two, but full out blossom? Nah. But that's alright, not every flower blossoms quickly.  However, that isn't to say that I didn't have a great October because I did.

I spent a good chunk of this month working on myself. I used up pretty much all my Lush stuff, the things I'd been saving up and purposely not using. And it felt good! Warm bubble baths smelling like the comforter bubble bar, silky water laced with coconut butter, and watercolor waves dyed with pinks and purples. The only thing I have left is my Life's a Beach body scrub and I'm planning on using that stuff up as well.

Since there are so few Lushes close by and also because I'm into trying new things, I think that the next time I want a bath product I'll head over and purchase something from Foxie Cosmetics. Not only is it all natural, handmade (by only one person, Foxie) and it's also not that badly priced in comparison to like Lush. Honestly, I can't help browse the site and want everything I see *puts the Hex Girls Bath Bombs (I'm a hex girl fan), the Bordon bubble bath and the Morticia Bath Bomb in my cart, and waits for the Chai+Vanilla Body Butter/Balm to come back in stock*. Okay, last thing is that the products are vegan and are good for y'all that have to deal with body aches.  **

Morticia Bath Bombs from Foxie Cosmetics

Musically I was banging A Seat at the Table by Solange. It was so good, a really beautifully produced album and hands down one of my favorite albums of the year. The interludes are beautiful and it's so unapologetically black and I love it. All the tracks are beautiful. I was also banging, bumping and bopping Rose Quartz by Tomo y Moi. I basically listen to it in order to study.

*thumps books against your screen* I watched Luke Cage and I'm yelling. I love it. You need to watch it! Get with it y'all, get on the winning side. Also, I did watch a ton of superhero movies (mostly Marvel as I am a Marvel Girl) and my opinions on the movies were relativly eh. I watched Suicide Squad, F4ntastic, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few other Marvel Movies (ones that I have already seen before). Out of all of the movies I watched, Guardians of the Galaxy was definitely the best, both visually and story-wise.

Shockingly (or maybe not?) I straightened my hair for a week in early October and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Jk, I knew that by day 2 I would prefer not to straighten my hair. Honestly, I would style my hair the night before and still have to straighten it after my morning shower like it wasn't worth it. But the good thing that came out of it is that I learned that shrinkage is a very real thing and that my hair is bob length even after my big chop which is nice to know. I think I'm doing wonderfully at making sure my hair is healthy.

I've been digging podcasts this month. I wasn't really into podcasts previously but I've found a ton of them that I love love love. I've been into TwibPrime, iFanboy, Spilled Milk, Black Girl Nerds, and Wait,What? Most of these podcasts are super funny and usually involve a dose of funny/geek talk. Also, it helps me keep up with all the comic books I am interested in but can't buy as of yet.

A Seat At the Table Cover Art

I try to talk about cultural appropriation and social injustices from time to time because those topics are important to me. But this article shed some light and information on cultural appropriation of food and I honestly never thought about it in that way. I love learning new things and learning new perspectives on different topics. I'm a major foodie so the article by Rachel Kuo about cultural appropriation and food was totally up my alley.  

Also, I am majorly proud of myself. I spent a lot of this month working on essays and just trying to survive the endless cycle known as midterms! So far I've been doing pretty well in my classes and been getting pretty good grades which I am thankful and excited about. Hopefully, as we get closer and closer to finals my streak of good grades will continue!

Cute Blue Typewriter from this Antique Store I visited

November is on her way in and I am thrilled but not so thrilled. I have so many midterms at the beginning of November that my head is spinning. But also I'm not sure what November has in store for me. November is a scary month. Smack dab in between two months that deal with festive spirit, November is the awkward and average middle child. November is supposed to be a month of relaxing and reflecting but I find myself more or less bored with what she offers me. Not to mention the whole likely hood that she will introduce me to my first taste of winter snow, something I have mixed emotions about.  Will she lull me into sleep? Will she present me with new opportunities? Or will she allow me to flop out and make a fool of myself? I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?

** Swear to Mother Earth and Sister Moon that I'm not sponsored by Foxie Cosmetics, I'm just giddy about this brand. Like..I really wanna try this and can't wait till I get some expendable $$.

What have you been doing this October? Anything new or exciting you got interested in? Let me Know in the Comments!

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Boys, A Job, and Ourselves (Among Other Things)

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You know there's nothing wrong with getting dolled up in the hopes that someone would notice. I mean despite what some people say, it's pretty chill to get cute for someone other than yourself.

I sit here one eyebrow stinging slightly after giving it a gentle pluck to remove any hair that doesn't fit the shape I want, thinking about how that one boy who is relatively cute that I see occasionally might notice me because of how to bomb my eyebrows are. Kidding, I actually didn't think that. But I did go all out with my makeup that one day I did see him. Highlight so bright he thinks I'm a sun goddess....that sounded clever in my head and there's no way to amend it or make it sound better. Edit: I'm totally over it...

But I DIGRESS! Anyway, the point is he probably didn't notice me and if he did it had nothing to do with how I look. So why do I try? Am I compromising my morals doing this? Is it really unfeminist to get cute for anyone but yourself?

The easy answer to that is no. No, it's not un-feminist to do your makeup in order to attract a boy. No, it's not un-feminist to get your hair done for anyone but yourself and to look good for people that aren't you. And no, it's not unfeminist to wear makeup and get dressed up and do things like shaving your legs for someone other than yourself.  There are multiple layers to the reasons why people have/don't have to do theses things (or even want to).  Getting a job, getting a date, being seen as competent, just even being able to pass or conform to what women are 'supposed' to look like, are all reasons why people do the things they do.

So , why is it seen as being unfeminist to do so? Well, I think that because of the fact that mainstream feminism  is essentially a very basic version of feminism that (I've seen) has a habit of denouncing/rebuking the idea that women can do things or perform 'traditional feminine' roles for anyone but themselves. Which is untrue and shows that basic feminism (intro feminism 100.99999) is just that, basic and inconsiderate of the nuances of the world.This sort of feminism is also referred to as white feminism (not to be confused with white women who engage in feminism, though the two sometimes tend to overlap).

An example of basic/white feminism is making the claim that women are paid 78 cents (is it 78 or 73) to a man's dollar. This is true but it's actually white women that make 78 cents while black women make less than that, Native American/Hawaiian women make less than that and latina women make less than that.The claim is correct but it wasn't inclusive of the fact that not all women make the same amount.

So anyway mainstream feminism really promotes this idea that women don't have to wear makeup, look good, conform to beauty standards unless they want to. Mainstream feminism also has this little creeping idea that if you do, do these things for anyone other than yourself (especially if it's for a man) it makes you a lesser feminist or not really a feminist. They rarely say this idea out loud but it still comes across in this way.

And although it can be so empowering to do stuff because you want to, that's not the reality of all women. Lots of women do conform to beauty standards and do traditionally feminine things for tons of reasons. I wear makeup because I want to, but I also know the way that (me wearing) makeup affects me and others around me. I know that I benefit from it and think that it helps me navigate through daily life better.  Other women wear makeup because they have to. I know women who wear makeup in order to work and be seen as competent or present a certain image of themselves at work (there's a study on this). I also know that there are women who don't have stereotypical 'feminine' features and use makeup in order to look more feminine and to align with what's typically thought of as womanly features. All these things basically add up to this greater need to survive in the real world. It is so difficult to navigate the real world already, now imagine adding other factors on top of it. Someone's makeup and doing it for people who aren't yourself, and for the purpose of being able to traverse through certain spaces, is the only way for a person to survive.

I mean I totally get the fact that most mainstream feminism wants women and girls to know that they shouldn't present themselves a certain way because a guy wants them to look that way (i.e wearing minimal makeup because guys think girls look better that way while they love wearing full faces of makeup). I just question the way that the message is being put out there. I agree that the way society forces women to perform and look a certain way is wrong and the expectations of what a woman is and should look like are beyond ugly. However, the proclamation that 'women wear makeup for ourselves' is false and creates this implication that women who wear makeup for someone other than herself (and *gasp* even worse a man!) are lesser feminists. I mean it creates this nasty wheel that causes lots of young girls to be confused about what 'good' feminists are supposed to be and makes them believe that because they don't do this certain thing it makes them bad feminists. And by god let's not go into the girls who are into feminism but also love getting cute to impress boys.

By the by, I think that looking good to attract/impress a boy is completely fine. I have no issue with girls who do this. I am a girl who does this. I love doing it too. I'm also fine with women who want to shave because they know their boyfriend/spouse likes it. The key phrase here is that they 'want' (say it with me now), want to do it. I have issues with the fact that women are goaded into doing things and looking a certain way by men when they would really prefer to look another way (am I making sense?).

Also, I have a huge issue with the image that is usually presented of women who choose to wear makeup for themselves aka the face of mainstream feminism. But, I feel like that's a talk for another time/day. I just think that I should end with this: Not all women's experiences are the same. Not all women wear makeup for themselves. Not all women have the privilege to do so.Wearing makeup for yourself is a wonderful feeling, but while outward appearances affect the type of life a person will experience, it's just not a realistic option for many women.

You're not a bad feminist for wearing makeup because you have to get a job, or you have to align what women are supposed to look like. Hey! You're not a bad feminist for wearing a lipstick that your datemate, crush, or potential suitor, likes on you. You're not a bad feminist for doing things that society is pressuring you to do. I think the message that we should be conveying is, do what you have to do and what you think is right for you. I guess, I just want young girls to know that feminism and whether you're a good one or a bad one, doesn't come from your reason for wearing makeup.

*I don't believe I covered every reason why a person wears makeup but know there are tons of reasons that are not necessarily in the control of the makeup wear-er. *

What are your opinions on this? Tell me a story about the time you got dolled up for someone other than yourself ! Why do YOU wear makeup?

Tiny Loves

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One of my favorite bloggers, Bianca Bass, posted a list of things that really delight her, and I was really inspired by her list. You know I just had to roll one out myself because that's what you do when you're inspired by another blogger. You do similar things to them but you give them credit for the idea...of course. Anywho! Here's my post of tiny things I love. They're not necessarily daily loves or anything like that it's just a list of small things that I really love and appreciate at this point in time.


  • Runny egg yolks over crispy hash
  • My new Zebra Midliner highlighters
  • Tea with the right amount of sugar and no milk
  • Warm days with low humidity
  • Fog first thing in the morning
  • Warm bubble baths
  •  Honey on saltines
  • The crunch of fall leaves under my feet
  • Codfish and Ackee and Potatoes
  • Johnny Bread made by my papa
  • Warm socks out the dryer
  • Singing really loudly
  • Bad Cosy Mystery Books
  • Whatsapp messages from my best friend
  • Someone saying 'flexing my complexion'  
  • Picnics on Coney Island (Bermuda)
  •  Beast by Peter Benchley  
  • The way Northshore smells during the summer 
  • My hair curling up when it's wet no matter how many times I brush it out flat
  • Alibis and Yesterday by Marianas Trench
  • Fishing off the rocks during high summer
  • Bio and Psych class
  • Seeing leaves slowly turn from green to red 
  • Fluffy Comforters
  • Fluffy and cottony hair (mine!!!)
  • Seeing my rabbit yawn (she's ugly-cute when she yawns) ,and binky and do anything remotely cute
  • The way Bermuda looks when you fly in on a nice day
  •  My dad bringing home fresh lobsters
  • Storm clouds
  • My mum's pumpkin soup
  •  My little cousins making jokes and smiling really big
  • Warm socks
  • The smell of timothy hay 
  • My nana's peanut butter cookies 
Did y'all notice that there was a theme with this? Psst....most of them involve food. I have lots of really good memories and loves that surround food and are the ones I think about when I think about things that I love. I don't know, maybe that's just me? Do y'all's best memories involve food? Mine do, that and like the feeling of being warm. Like warm soup and cold winter days (boom a two in one!) is one of my favorite memories. Or like hanging out on my great grandma's couch watching food network and eating chocolate frozen yogurt during like summer days/sick days. Oh and some of my most vivid memories are ones hanging out in this big inflatable pool filled with like chlorine water or even better salt water and eating watermelon.I guess that because I really love food and cooking and connecting to others via food. those memories are the ones that stick out the most to me.

What are some small things you love? 

10 Things About Me

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I guess it would be a good idea to tell y'all some fun facts about me. I mean, my blog is pretty new and y'all don't really know me that well. Despite the fact that you can always read a post I write and learn about me that way, it's not really a good way to get to know me, is it? Or maybe it is! I'm not sure. I just thought this would be a fun little post.

  1. I'm a Carly Rae Jepsen Fan. I first heard her sing sour candy like a while back and I dug it so much, I was just a fan since. I only heard her a few months before Call Me Baby came out but I've been a fan since. Store by Carly Rae Jepsen is a banger.

  1.  I'm not picky but there are food things that I absolutely abhor. I think coconut water is nasty, salmon is disgusting (unless it's smoked or raw) and that white chocolate is evil and it's not even real chocolate anyway and therefore it's a not only evil but a fraud. Also boiled eggs are ugh and I find that foods that have a gritty but applesauce-like texture to be inedible. *shudders*

  1. At 12 years old I shaved off my widow's peak and ultimately a good chunk of my forehead. The story goes like this: I have a widow's peak and hated it. So I shaved it off and at first it was all okay. I mean I looked fine and it didn't look that weird. But then...yikes. I shaved off more and more until I looked the shorter bandit from Home Alone. I got caught (because in the end we all do) and subsequently spent 3 months with deep bangs to cover up what I did. 

  1. If I hadn't gone to school to be a Biologist, I would have ended up enrolling in Culinary school or Art school.

  1. I'm slightly allergic to Locust and Wild Honey (the plant) but I still eat it (in small amounts). I'm not that allergic it just makes my tongue a little itchy.

  1. I want to create Web Comics. I have one that's going to be published really soon called GhostKid, and I have a second one that's being worked on. I've had it on the back burner for a year and won't start it until I am satisfied with my art.

  1. Anything less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, I feel like I'm freezing.

  1. I get told I'm intimidating by like everyone but the truth is...I'm actually really nervous and shy and I overthink things. Also I'm like...a really big nerd so.

  1. The Addams Family is one of my favorite shows. I love,love,love, the relationship between Morticia and Gomez. It's really like...loving and sweet. Also it's so cute how creepy they are.

  1. I got my nose pierced at 16 without my mother's permission. My mother said no but my dad as we were driving on the way to the tattoo shop, said that he'd take responsibility for it. So being the opportunist I am I said yes (go big or go home right?) but my dad forgot his id at home and he couldn't get it done without an adult's ID. So we ended up getting my mum's ID, telling her about it and getting it done.  It all worked out in the end.

Tell me something interesting about you!

Don't Give Me Samples!

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I love going to the mall. I mean technically I can't buy anything  but I love the thrill of walking through the mall,you know? It's dangerous almost; a dangerous game with high stakes, like Monopoly. How long can I walk through the mall before the inevitable feeling of need overcomes my rational mind? How long can I go to the mall without caving in and buying something, knowing I don't have the cash?

The thing that started it all

Usually, I'm great. I can go to the mall many times in a row without caving in. I have the willpower and the determination to go months without caving in and getting what I wanted. It's a gift, a great one at that.  I can usually tell myself that I can get it at a better price later. According to all the polls and statistics, I am a hard player. I rarely ever lose and when I do there are other factors affecting my game. Recent statistics show that I am the boss and I can't be beat.

Yet, statistics don't mean a damn thing, when samples are involved. All hell breaks loose when samples get involved. It's tricky when the perky-yet-pleasant sales assistant comes along and gives you a little sample because it's a 'new product'. They just saddle up to you and give you a product without any thought about how it's going to affect you. Like she/he/they didn't just hand you the most addictive thing next to chocolate covered pretzels. The product is so small but the rewards are huge!

The size is small but not too small. Enough product for you to know how great it is but not enough for you to not have to buy it.  And don't even think about trying to get another sample because by the time you need another one they've all magically disappeared. But lo-and-behold in its place are full sized products costing an arm, a leg and at least 6 inches of your hair ( I don't even think I have 6 inches of hair).

It's come to a point where I'm sure that it's some sort of wild conspiracy on behalf of the beauty/makeup industry. They know. They have it all calculated in difficult math equations, on how to hook you on a sample product. They know how to break your tidy record for mall walking (and not buying). All this is enough to keep anyone up at night.

I don't need all those late nights. I'm a college student. I get things done on little sleep. Any minute of sleep is precious and important. I can't be up at night thinking about will I or won't I.  I mean how can I study,function and have a reasonable state of mind when the thoughts running through my head are all concerned with that one sample.

So please, floor sales assistant, if you see me coming, look away! Don't smile, don't be polite, just don't come my way. Don't give me samples! My winning streak is up and my funds are low and I really can't take any samples right now. My nerves are stressed enough, I don't need your fantastic products to help with all the stress breakouts I'm dealing with. Because then I'll really have to buy it then.

How do y'all feel about (free) mall samples? Where is your favorite place to get samples from? If you get a great sample do you normally go back and buy the product?

Smell Ya Later, September ❤ Monthly Recaps #1

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As the immortal and legendary, hero,warrior and all around bad boy, Gary Oak would say: Smell ya later! September has come and gone and my god it could not have gone any faster. For me, September was a month of growth and learning and not just because I was at Uni working hard to make those grades. With mercury being in retrograde for the earlier part of the month and what with just the stress and amazing dedication on my behalf to study for midterms, I think that this month I really learned and grew a lot personally.

Store by Carly Rae Jepsen is a banger
  In September I had a lot of things I loved. I don't want this post to get too wordy but! I will touch on some things that I adored during September. There was tons of music I got into during September which is just AMAZING because I'm always looking for new songs. I've been listening to tons of Pierce the Veil, specifically Bedless, a song I had initially not cared much about, some purity ring (Saltkin, Fineshrine, and stranger than earth), and Misfits, (Nightmare on Elm Street, Fiend Club, Forbidden one) whose shirt I owned but didn't listen to until now.

Oh and I really liked Jesus and Tequila by Minutemen, whom I only found out about because some kid read me some bands/albums to listen to in return for watching his stuff. And, last but not least I loved Blonde by Frank Ocean,even though I only started listening to it, like earlier this week.

 Tv and Netflix wise, I loved (loved) the Get Down. I also liked Stranger things and various documentaries. Y'all need to watch Advanced Style, Fresh Dressed (my favorite documentary this month), and The Mask You Live In (great! 10/2 would recommend). Also, I spent the entire month of September watching either detective/mystery shows (Rosemary and Thyme, Poirot, etc) or by watching cooking competition shows (Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Worst Cooks in America).

I've been yelling about the Get Down since I first watched it
Other general things that were awesome this September was the fact that I learned about tons of superheroes and I currently am in the firmest belief that DC has the most superhero and essentially the largest non-white roster of heroes around but! They (usually) don't ever do anything with them aside from the occasional appearance (or if they're green lanterns which are probably the only time I see nonwhite DC characters being at the forefront of the comics) or if they're a part of some larger group like the Justice League. Marvel, however, does everything with them. They recycle hero names and passes them onto new faces who, just are so good! They manage to take up old enemies while facing new obstacles as these heroes.

 Like I love both companies for their respective things but Marvel's really doing something you know? Like they are really trying to make their heroes fit new audiences and are listening to people who want diversity in comics, whilst DC is very traditional and stick to what they know (which isn't bad! But I'd prefer a little shake up once in a while).  Like, I want comics from DC where the hero is an old one from their archive who hasn't been seen in years! Basically, @DC where the heck is my comic (and tv shows...) in which non-white superheroes are their  own standalone main character.

I think the only things that kinda sucked this month was the fact that I switched classes to an earlier time frame and had to readjust my learning and understanding of  my studies to new teachers. Which doesn't seem like much but I mean I had two weeks of school  prior to changing my schedule and honestly? The classes learned a ton of stuff in those two weeks (as did I, in my respective classes) and I just had to play catch up. It was a kind of hard trying to switch my sleep schedule too, but I think I did fine!

My wishlist is full of Ms Marvel comics
Actually, I just remembered I got mascara (out of all things why did it have to be mascara???) on one of my favorite shirts and now it's basically ruined. It has that grease stain look about it (don't ask, I really flubbed up). I just, I'm keeping it of course but I can't wear it to school because it's...stained. RIP to the Light Grey shirt from Rainbow that made me look cute.

Since September was a month of growth, in October I want to blossom. I was to just unfold and let my beauty and brilliance shine. I want to be a positive and moving force and I want to have moments in the sun, and moments in the shade. I just want to be brilliant and have another good and successful month. I think October will be kind enough to give me that.

Also, I'm geeked for Marvel's Luke Cage, and you can bet your sweet tooth, that I will be gushing about it all month of October. Like I'm ready, I'm ready for the full effect that Marvel's Luke Cage  will release upon me. Will I freak out when I see the Misty Knight on screen? Yes, yes I will. Also! I have some markers coming in and when I tell you I'll be busting them bad boys out every day to draw with you best believe I'm going to do that. October just looks like a really good month!

Me, thinking about Marvel's Luke Cage

How was your September? What are you looking forward to in October? What's your Halloween Costume going to be (I'm Luna, from the Hex Girls)?