Don't Give Me Samples!

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I love going to the mall. I mean technically I can't buy anything  but I love the thrill of walking through the mall,you know? It's dangerous almost; a dangerous game with high stakes, like Monopoly. How long can I walk through the mall before the inevitable feeling of need overcomes my rational mind? How long can I go to the mall without caving in and buying something, knowing I don't have the cash?

The thing that started it all

Usually, I'm great. I can go to the mall many times in a row without caving in. I have the willpower and the determination to go months without caving in and getting what I wanted. It's a gift, a great one at that.  I can usually tell myself that I can get it at a better price later. According to all the polls and statistics, I am a hard player. I rarely ever lose and when I do there are other factors affecting my game. Recent statistics show that I am the boss and I can't be beat.

Yet, statistics don't mean a damn thing, when samples are involved. All hell breaks loose when samples get involved. It's tricky when the perky-yet-pleasant sales assistant comes along and gives you a little sample because it's a 'new product'. They just saddle up to you and give you a product without any thought about how it's going to affect you. Like she/he/they didn't just hand you the most addictive thing next to chocolate covered pretzels. The product is so small but the rewards are huge!

The size is small but not too small. Enough product for you to know how great it is but not enough for you to not have to buy it.  And don't even think about trying to get another sample because by the time you need another one they've all magically disappeared. But lo-and-behold in its place are full sized products costing an arm, a leg and at least 6 inches of your hair ( I don't even think I have 6 inches of hair).

It's come to a point where I'm sure that it's some sort of wild conspiracy on behalf of the beauty/makeup industry. They know. They have it all calculated in difficult math equations, on how to hook you on a sample product. They know how to break your tidy record for mall walking (and not buying). All this is enough to keep anyone up at night.

I don't need all those late nights. I'm a college student. I get things done on little sleep. Any minute of sleep is precious and important. I can't be up at night thinking about will I or won't I.  I mean how can I study,function and have a reasonable state of mind when the thoughts running through my head are all concerned with that one sample.

So please, floor sales assistant, if you see me coming, look away! Don't smile, don't be polite, just don't come my way. Don't give me samples! My winning streak is up and my funds are low and I really can't take any samples right now. My nerves are stressed enough, I don't need your fantastic products to help with all the stress breakouts I'm dealing with. Because then I'll really have to buy it then.

How do y'all feel about (free) mall samples? Where is your favorite place to get samples from? If you get a great sample do you normally go back and buy the product?

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