Okay Bye, October ❤ Monthly Recaps #2

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Not to sound like a major cliche but like...October my dear, where did you go? You went by so fast it's like you weren't even here at all. Last month I wanted to blossom in October. And I'm not sure if I did or didn't. I think I did but honestly did I really? I came out of my shell a little and I did some new stuff at school but I don't think I blossomed. Maybe I unfurled a petal or two, but full out blossom? Nah. But that's alright, not every flower blossoms quickly.  However, that isn't to say that I didn't have a great October because I did.

I spent a good chunk of this month working on myself. I used up pretty much all my Lush stuff, the things I'd been saving up and purposely not using. And it felt good! Warm bubble baths smelling like the comforter bubble bar, silky water laced with coconut butter, and watercolor waves dyed with pinks and purples. The only thing I have left is my Life's a Beach body scrub and I'm planning on using that stuff up as well.

Since there are so few Lushes close by and also because I'm into trying new things, I think that the next time I want a bath product I'll head over and purchase something from Foxie Cosmetics. Not only is it all natural, handmade (by only one person, Foxie) and it's also not that badly priced in comparison to like Lush. Honestly, I can't help browse the site and want everything I see *puts the Hex Girls Bath Bombs (I'm a hex girl fan), the Bordon bubble bath and the Morticia Bath Bomb in my cart, and waits for the Chai+Vanilla Body Butter/Balm to come back in stock*. Okay, last thing is that the products are vegan and are good for y'all that have to deal with body aches.  **

Morticia Bath Bombs from Foxie Cosmetics

Musically I was banging A Seat at the Table by Solange. It was so good, a really beautifully produced album and hands down one of my favorite albums of the year. The interludes are beautiful and it's so unapologetically black and I love it. All the tracks are beautiful. I was also banging, bumping and bopping Rose Quartz by Tomo y Moi. I basically listen to it in order to study.

*thumps books against your screen* I watched Luke Cage and I'm yelling. I love it. You need to watch it! Get with it y'all, get on the winning side. Also, I did watch a ton of superhero movies (mostly Marvel as I am a Marvel Girl) and my opinions on the movies were relativly eh. I watched Suicide Squad, F4ntastic, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few other Marvel Movies (ones that I have already seen before). Out of all of the movies I watched, Guardians of the Galaxy was definitely the best, both visually and story-wise.

Shockingly (or maybe not?) I straightened my hair for a week in early October and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Jk, I knew that by day 2 I would prefer not to straighten my hair. Honestly, I would style my hair the night before and still have to straighten it after my morning shower like it wasn't worth it. But the good thing that came out of it is that I learned that shrinkage is a very real thing and that my hair is bob length even after my big chop which is nice to know. I think I'm doing wonderfully at making sure my hair is healthy.

I've been digging podcasts this month. I wasn't really into podcasts previously but I've found a ton of them that I love love love. I've been into TwibPrime, iFanboy, Spilled Milk, Black Girl Nerds, and Wait,What? Most of these podcasts are super funny and usually involve a dose of funny/geek talk. Also, it helps me keep up with all the comic books I am interested in but can't buy as of yet.

A Seat At the Table Cover Art

I try to talk about cultural appropriation and social injustices from time to time because those topics are important to me. But this article shed some light and information on cultural appropriation of food and I honestly never thought about it in that way. I love learning new things and learning new perspectives on different topics. I'm a major foodie so the article by Rachel Kuo about cultural appropriation and food was totally up my alley.  

Also, I am majorly proud of myself. I spent a lot of this month working on essays and just trying to survive the endless cycle known as midterms! So far I've been doing pretty well in my classes and been getting pretty good grades which I am thankful and excited about. Hopefully, as we get closer and closer to finals my streak of good grades will continue!

Cute Blue Typewriter from this Antique Store I visited

November is on her way in and I am thrilled but not so thrilled. I have so many midterms at the beginning of November that my head is spinning. But also I'm not sure what November has in store for me. November is a scary month. Smack dab in between two months that deal with festive spirit, November is the awkward and average middle child. November is supposed to be a month of relaxing and reflecting but I find myself more or less bored with what she offers me. Not to mention the whole likely hood that she will introduce me to my first taste of winter snow, something I have mixed emotions about.  Will she lull me into sleep? Will she present me with new opportunities? Or will she allow me to flop out and make a fool of myself? I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?

** Swear to Mother Earth and Sister Moon that I'm not sponsored by Foxie Cosmetics, I'm just giddy about this brand. Like..I really wanna try this and can't wait till I get some expendable $$.

What have you been doing this October? Anything new or exciting you got interested in? Let me Know in the Comments!

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