Smell Ya Later, September ❤ Monthly Recaps #1

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As the immortal and legendary, hero,warrior and all around bad boy, Gary Oak would say: Smell ya later! September has come and gone and my god it could not have gone any faster. For me, September was a month of growth and learning and not just because I was at Uni working hard to make those grades. With mercury being in retrograde for the earlier part of the month and what with just the stress and amazing dedication on my behalf to study for midterms, I think that this month I really learned and grew a lot personally.

Store by Carly Rae Jepsen is a banger
  In September I had a lot of things I loved. I don't want this post to get too wordy but! I will touch on some things that I adored during September. There was tons of music I got into during September which is just AMAZING because I'm always looking for new songs. I've been listening to tons of Pierce the Veil, specifically Bedless, a song I had initially not cared much about, some purity ring (Saltkin, Fineshrine, and stranger than earth), and Misfits, (Nightmare on Elm Street, Fiend Club, Forbidden one) whose shirt I owned but didn't listen to until now.

Oh and I really liked Jesus and Tequila by Minutemen, whom I only found out about because some kid read me some bands/albums to listen to in return for watching his stuff. And, last but not least I loved Blonde by Frank Ocean,even though I only started listening to it, like earlier this week.

 Tv and Netflix wise, I loved (loved) the Get Down. I also liked Stranger things and various documentaries. Y'all need to watch Advanced Style, Fresh Dressed (my favorite documentary this month), and The Mask You Live In (great! 10/2 would recommend). Also, I spent the entire month of September watching either detective/mystery shows (Rosemary and Thyme, Poirot, etc) or by watching cooking competition shows (Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Worst Cooks in America).

I've been yelling about the Get Down since I first watched it
Other general things that were awesome this September was the fact that I learned about tons of superheroes and I currently am in the firmest belief that DC has the most superhero and essentially the largest non-white roster of heroes around but! They (usually) don't ever do anything with them aside from the occasional appearance (or if they're green lanterns which are probably the only time I see nonwhite DC characters being at the forefront of the comics) or if they're a part of some larger group like the Justice League. Marvel, however, does everything with them. They recycle hero names and passes them onto new faces who, just are so good! They manage to take up old enemies while facing new obstacles as these heroes.

 Like I love both companies for their respective things but Marvel's really doing something you know? Like they are really trying to make their heroes fit new audiences and are listening to people who want diversity in comics, whilst DC is very traditional and stick to what they know (which isn't bad! But I'd prefer a little shake up once in a while).  Like, I want comics from DC where the hero is an old one from their archive who hasn't been seen in years! Basically, @DC where the heck is my comic (and tv shows...) in which non-white superheroes are their  own standalone main character.

I think the only things that kinda sucked this month was the fact that I switched classes to an earlier time frame and had to readjust my learning and understanding of  my studies to new teachers. Which doesn't seem like much but I mean I had two weeks of school  prior to changing my schedule and honestly? The classes learned a ton of stuff in those two weeks (as did I, in my respective classes) and I just had to play catch up. It was a kind of hard trying to switch my sleep schedule too, but I think I did fine!

My wishlist is full of Ms Marvel comics
Actually, I just remembered I got mascara (out of all things why did it have to be mascara???) on one of my favorite shirts and now it's basically ruined. It has that grease stain look about it (don't ask, I really flubbed up). I just, I'm keeping it of course but I can't wear it to school because it's...stained. RIP to the Light Grey shirt from Rainbow that made me look cute.

Since September was a month of growth, in October I want to blossom. I was to just unfold and let my beauty and brilliance shine. I want to be a positive and moving force and I want to have moments in the sun, and moments in the shade. I just want to be brilliant and have another good and successful month. I think October will be kind enough to give me that.

Also, I'm geeked for Marvel's Luke Cage, and you can bet your sweet tooth, that I will be gushing about it all month of October. Like I'm ready, I'm ready for the full effect that Marvel's Luke Cage  will release upon me. Will I freak out when I see the Misty Knight on screen? Yes, yes I will. Also! I have some markers coming in and when I tell you I'll be busting them bad boys out every day to draw with you best believe I'm going to do that. October just looks like a really good month!

Me, thinking about Marvel's Luke Cage

How was your September? What are you looking forward to in October? What's your Halloween Costume going to be (I'm Luna, from the Hex Girls)?

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