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One of my favorite bloggers, Bianca Bass, posted a list of things that really delight her, and I was really inspired by her list. You know I just had to roll one out myself because that's what you do when you're inspired by another blogger. You do similar things to them but you give them credit for the idea...of course. Anywho! Here's my post of tiny things I love. They're not necessarily daily loves or anything like that it's just a list of small things that I really love and appreciate at this point in time.


  • Runny egg yolks over crispy hash
  • My new Zebra Midliner highlighters
  • Tea with the right amount of sugar and no milk
  • Warm days with low humidity
  • Fog first thing in the morning
  • Warm bubble baths
  •  Honey on saltines
  • The crunch of fall leaves under my feet
  • Codfish and Ackee and Potatoes
  • Johnny Bread made by my papa
  • Warm socks out the dryer
  • Singing really loudly
  • Bad Cosy Mystery Books
  • Whatsapp messages from my best friend
  • Someone saying 'flexing my complexion'  
  • Picnics on Coney Island (Bermuda)
  •  Beast by Peter Benchley  
  • The way Northshore smells during the summer 
  • My hair curling up when it's wet no matter how many times I brush it out flat
  • Alibis and Yesterday by Marianas Trench
  • Fishing off the rocks during high summer
  • Bio and Psych class
  • Seeing leaves slowly turn from green to red 
  • Fluffy Comforters
  • Fluffy and cottony hair (mine!!!)
  • Seeing my rabbit yawn (she's ugly-cute when she yawns) ,and binky and do anything remotely cute
  • The way Bermuda looks when you fly in on a nice day
  •  My dad bringing home fresh lobsters
  • Storm clouds
  • My mum's pumpkin soup
  •  My little cousins making jokes and smiling really big
  • Warm socks
  • The smell of timothy hay 
  • My nana's peanut butter cookies 
Did y'all notice that there was a theme with this? Psst....most of them involve food. I have lots of really good memories and loves that surround food and are the ones I think about when I think about things that I love. I don't know, maybe that's just me? Do y'all's best memories involve food? Mine do, that and like the feeling of being warm. Like warm soup and cold winter days (boom a two in one!) is one of my favorite memories. Or like hanging out on my great grandma's couch watching food network and eating chocolate frozen yogurt during like summer days/sick days. Oh and some of my most vivid memories are ones hanging out in this big inflatable pool filled with like chlorine water or even better salt water and eating watermelon.I guess that because I really love food and cooking and connecting to others via food. those memories are the ones that stick out the most to me.

What are some small things you love? 

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