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Y'all have any idea how difficult it is to find really good but cheap books? I love a little novel or a book series but it's so hard to find one that isn't terribly written or have this super ugly and kinda gross plotline.Especially if you're into the fantasy,science fiction, or sci-fi genre of books. I have a lot of things I look for when I browse for new books and a lot of it really revolves around a great heroine/hero and having a plotline that doesn't involve too much romance (although the occasional romance driven book is nice!), and also a main love interest that doesn't absolutely annoy the crap out of me and doesn't have those gross creepy tendencies that seemed to explode after Twilight gained popularity. That being said I also am willing to try tons of different books and see whats what and so I bring you this post.

I decided to take a break from serious posts to write a little fun/care free post talking about some books that I love. I have another post coming up very soon talking about race and whitewashing and ultimately how much I loathe (LOATHE) racially ambiguous characters and authors who refuse to give their characters a race/ethnicity. But again that is not this post and that's a post for another day. This post is a small list of kindle unlimited books (if you don't have Kindle Unlimited and read a lot then I *youtuber voice* Highly Recommend you get it). These are books I love and have read multiple times and I even shockingly am signed up for their reader's list, and that's not something I do often.  That being said not all of these books are perfect and I do take issues with some tropes, or things within them that actively makes me go 'oh god no!'.

Assassins' Charge - Claire Frank

A ruthless assassin, known as the Reaper's Bride is hired to make the biggest contract of her life. With a perfect record and reputation that no one can touch, she is hired to  kill someone she can not kill, a child. This is such a well written and good book. It's got these great dynamic relationships and Rhis is a very well fleshed character. I love all the characters in the book, and am hoping with an intense passion that there is a second book with these characters! There is so much that needs to happen or that could happen. I did find the relationship between two characters to be rushed and didn't add up quite right but! I did like their interactions. You honestly come to love Rhis by the end if you didn't already love her at the beginning. She has this delicate balance between fragile and strong and I think the creation of Rhis must have been so carefully and intricately planned out. It was done so well I'm in awe.

 The Viper and the Urchin - Celine Jeanjean

 If you know me, you know how much I love this book. Rory is an urchin with a penchant for thieving and a love of swordwork. Longinus is a well-bred man who is known as the greatest assassin in Damsport with an intense fear of blood. Together they make the best duo out there.  Rory and Longinus are the characters that I have been waiting my entire life for. They are spunky and they oppose each other but they work well together. The thing that got me though was the writing, the descriptions and the fact that everyone in Damsport is brown. They live in a tropical area and they are brown. For me, this is a big thing because not only is it correct geographically (in hotter areas people tend to be darker etc) but I've read so many books where people live in a hot/tropical area and the people are as pale as pale comes.I just *sigh* love this book and am so excited for book 3 and I just really relate to it (me coming from a hot humid tropical-ish place myself)! Also, I am hoping that Celine Jeanjean talks about Rory's race or even does a fan cast about Rory simply because Rory to me reads as being black coded (kinda like Garnet from Steven Universe) and I'd love to see who she would cast as Rory. Actually, she does have a post on her blog about the ethnicity
of the Damsians but I'm too nervous to read it...

Seabound Chronicles - Jordan Rivet

Jordan rivet is the author of two series I do really love and the Seabound Chronicles was the one I adore the most (no hate towards Dara and Sev! I love them too but their story isn't done yet!). It's basically about a post apocalyptic world in which everyone lives on the ocean and tries to survive. But things don't go right and our heroine (who is so bad by the by!)  is left trying to pick up the pieces. This is such a well-told story and I honestly couldn't have picked one book to be a favorite and I think that these books should be read consecutively. With other novels on the list I think you should break before reading the next one. Maybe have some tea, maybe go on a month long journey into space with your hoppy froody friend. But not with this book. Don't do that here. Once you're done, take a minute to breathe and take it all in but then quickly get the next book. Also, it's got a ton of action and intrigue and just plain brilliant moments in it. Some parts are tense and some parts are less tense. Surprisingly once I got to the end of the novel I was so satisfied. I didn't want more, I didn't need anything else, I just accepted and felt good about it. If that doesn't say much, then I don't know what does. Also like most of these books I really connect with it! I'm an island girl, I love the ocean and I love boats and honestly I think setting this novel on boats and marine settlements is brilliant and not really well used in apocalyptic sci-fi.

Penryn adn the End of Days Series-  Susan Ee

I literally dislike most angel x human books I read. I started reading Hush,Hush and kinda hated it. It put me off the whole angel loves humans kind of thing. Penryn and the end of Days series however put me back onto that train. this is anotherb ook series that I reccomend you read one after the other with no breaks. It's that good. Penryn is this bad and strong girl who has to deal with a lot of things. The only thing she cares about is her little sister and staying alive. However angels ascending from the sky to kill all the humans, and to kidnap all the kids, kind of put a dent into that plan. She takes off on a whirlwind adventure to find her sister with her sworn enemy, an angel named Raffe. Hijinks, fightings, love, conflict etc, ensue. Basically I love this book. I physically have so many feelings about it that it's a little much. this book is well written first off. It's brilliant and it's got these plot holes that don't add up right and usually that would annoy me but it works. You have characters you hate and characters you love and characters that you will weep over because you wish you had loved them more than you did. There is romance in this book and it has heavy overtones of romance in it but it's not always the gross kind (sometimes it gets really sappy though) and I kind of enjoyed some of the romance surprisingly. It does feature a bit of 'will they,won't they' and that 'I'm a being of the supernatural and we shouldn't be together because it won't work' kind of trope in it. And usually that kind of annoys me but in these noves it works pretty well and has legit ament reasons behind it. Also I'm kind of a sucker for stories that involve mythology or even biblical stuff (think Dan Brown kind of biblical things) and it really hit the spot for me. It's got some really intense moments and some parts are a little graphic in terms of medical/violent things so be aware!

Blades of Magic - Terah Edun

Sometimes you love an author but the author doesn't love you back. Because if they did a sequel to their novel would be out now. They would not leave you hanging. In fact they'd take your hand and smack a tremendous high five right on your palm. But that's not this and be prepared to read a book that literally leaves you wanting more at the end and is so well crafted and interesting. Sara Fairchild is the daughter of the greatest warrior in the Algardis Kingdom and also the biggest traitor. She now lives scraping by and trying her best to keep her power uncontrol. Because if she doesn't she'll end up killing everyone and herself in the process. But things don't go as planned and she finds herself right in the middle of war facing her biggest fears and trying to regain back her honor. The premise, the world building, even the system in which magic/powers work is so good.The idea of being a fighter and loving fighting so much that it kills you and hurts people around you is an intense and really poignant concept. I love our leading lady because she is just such a Bamf. Ultimate Bamf but a Bamf with flaws. Also...no offense but....the heroine is black. Like I could dance on the table, I'm so passionate about non-white heroines especially black heroines (because...I, of course, am also black) and this book had me geeked. Not only is it well written and an interesting story but it's got a heroine that I could be you know? Diversity and Representation matters y'all.

What books have you been reading? Would y'all be interested in an interview post with one of these authors? How do y'all feel about racially ambiguous characters in books?

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