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oday on the blog we are talking about body hair! Ah, yes can y'all hear it? The sweet, sweet sound of people simultaneously groaning in pain, and grunting in shear (haha, you see what I did there right? hair? Ha!) terror! *cue the Vincent Van Ghoul laugh from Thriller*
All joking aside, body hair (I'm talking all hair minus eyebrows and head hair) is a serious issue. Whether you choose to remove it, or not, it seems to be a pretty big deal. There are tons of cultural ideals, issues, and discussions on the removal of body hair, especially when it concerns women. Should we do it? Should we not? Should we dye it a whole bunch of rainbow colors or is virgin underarm hair still in style?

You can't tell by my legs...they are hairy

The fact of the matter is that lots of people care and have an opinion about body hair. It may differ from their opinion about their personal body hair, it may not. Unless you're (in my opinion) a lucky chucking person you probably have body hair. If you don't have any, congrats! Not only has genetics worked in your favor, but a nice amount of people are jealous of you (myself included!). Also, I may or may not be considering whether or not you are  super human. I mean, as we all know, super humans are born with no body hair, I mean other than the stuff on his face does Superman, Captain America, and those other superhuman superheroes have body hair? I don't think so!

If you are a mere mortal with body hair then you know the fact that at some point in your life you may have been confronted about dealing with your body hair. Whether we deal with it or not should be our personal choice (though it may not feel like it sometimes). There are many reasons why people do or don't shave their body hair. Some people don't do it because it's against their beliefs, some people don't feel like it, some people couldn't care less and some people find it empowering.  There are some people who shave because they like the way they look without body hair (I really like the way my legs look when they're shaved!), some people do it to help them navigate society better, some people do it for dates, some people do it because its relaxing (me)!

Either way, whatever reason you shave, it's your business. And that's that.  I mean, no one should be able to come in and tell you why you should/shouldn't shave, but it's likely that it's happened and will continue to happen as you and your body hair go through your life long journey together.

But what do you do about it and what does it mean? Well, you could tell people to mind their own business and worry about themselves, or you could just do nothing. I mean keeping quiet, nodding your head all the while knowing you're not listening to their misplaced demands/advice is a thing too. Completely legitimate and 100% my favorite way of dealing with people who are trying to impose their ideas on me. It just allows situations to de-escalate and creates a lot less tension in a certain situation and I end up doing whatever I want anyways.

And those are kind of the not easy but first thoughts that come to mind when discussing this. I mean a lot of the time I do that but then I also realize that not everyone can do this and then they have to shave. There are circumstances that kind of force people to shave and there is also no shame in that either. If not shaving is getting in the way of you wanting to move through life in society in a specific way then it's fine to shave.

Body hair can mean a lot of things to different people. To me, it harbors very little meaning and I don't personally see it as a thing. My family was never strict on telling me when/when not to shave, and to be honest being a plus sized black girl, I had never noticed the prevalence of shaved women in the media. I was more focused on the fact that they were all thin and looked nothing like me, than their (lack of) body hair.

However, that's not the case with all people and many people find that not shaving is an act of rebellion and freedom against a system in which women have spent a lot of time comparing themselves to. There are also other reasons for not shaving or for shaving and honestly? Your reason is your reason. I shouldn't judge you or deem you a bad feminist for choosing to do this or that with you body hair (and I won't). I think that shaming people for body hair and shaming them for what they do with it, are pretty much on the same level of  'this is both bad and embarrassing from an outside point of view'. I mean...mind your business! Not your body? Not your business!

This also kind of connects to my previous post about makeup and why people wear makeup. Different topic but same idea. There is a very basic idea about shaving and not shaving and a very limited view in which mainstream feminism views body hair removal. Basically, it can surmount to something like "OH yeah I don't shave my armpits bc feck society and what men think and now I'm gonna dye it! Let's applaud women who choose not to shave while forgetting that some women have to shave. And if you shave for anyone other than yourself, especially *gasp* a man, your still suffering under the #patriarchy".

This kind of perspective is annoying and again it ignores the nuances and intricacies that affect different women (Not all women share the same experiences, remember!). Imean this perspective and wanting to do this is fine but the way it's framed is usually in a way the focuses on white feminist who fit this very specified view of what beauty is. MOst girls who are framed in this way and are applauded for this are thin, white women who are relatively pretty. And obviously there is nothing wrong with looking this way but it excludes and ignores the tons of women who just don't look this way and creates this vaccum in which women who don't fit this specified look end up being treated bad. And like my previous post you being a feminist doesn't equate to whether or not you shave. Shaving or not shaving isn't a topic in which your feminist card is revoked and put under review. And if you shave for anyone other than yourself (even if it's for a man) then it doesn't make you not a feminist.

There is actually so much more I would love to say about this topic but I don't have the knowledge or even the correct way of wording it in order to get my thoughts about this topic out there. 

Also quick note: I'm really sorry about my last posts and how I had zero photography on them, I  was majorly sick last weekend (and for most of the week) and wasn't able to do any form of photography in the slightest. I will be going back and posting a few pictures on them!

Tell me how long have you gone without shaving (mine was like 4 months, beat that!)! What do you think about shaving? Are you still suffering under the #partriarchy? Let me know in the comments below?

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