Do Bloggers Have to be Relatable?

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If my memory serves me right then not too long ago there was a massive talk or upsurge about the idea of relatability of bloggers and the fact that bloggers should/shouldn't be more relatable. At that point in time, my blog was just being rebuilt, and I had posts queued up and wasn't really interested in talking about it. But now I am and there is no time like the present to weigh in on like a 3-month-old debate. I'm late to the party but if you know me then you  expect nothing less.

In my loud,often humble, and sometimes wrong opinion, I don't think bloggers have to go out of their way to be relatable. I mean for some people they are just naturally the kind of person who is willing to share their ups,downs and oh my god don't moments. Some bloggers don't want all of their information and moods out there and prefer to keep their blog as a certain space for their readers and themselves. Neither is better and I think that both are good and can co-exist in the same large blogosphere.

To be honest I rarely relate to any blogger I follow. No, honestly I don't. Most bloggers I follow are a couple years older than me, with jobs and responsibilities I don't have. Most bloggers don't look like me or talk about the same things I do.  A lot of bloggers don't have the same morals as me, nor do they think about the same things I think about. Also, I'm kind of boring. I don't go out and I don't have loads of friends and I don't do a lot of things. A lot of bloggers do go out, have a few close friends they can hang out with and generally can appear to be extroverts (or extroverted introverts). I don't connect with them. But that doesn't mean that they aren't good bloggers or that no one relates to them. On the contrary, tons of people relate to that and by the looks of things, a lot of bloggers appear to be similar situations.

Is this picture relatable or not? Do bloggers take pictures of artsy things?

I don't blog as much about beauty because my makeup collection is tiny and it features brands that I don't necessarily support anymore. I did a massive purge of my makeup collection before I went to college and have only bought a few things since being out here. Also not kidding but I'm on the broke side and unless a brand is willing to float me some cash or ask me to try out their products it's very unlikely that my makeup cache is going to grow any bigger. I just don't have the cash or clout to have a large makeup collection.  Does this make me more relatable or less relatable?

Neither really. If you find me relatable that's great and if you don't then well that's fine too. And to be honest that's where I'm going. I love following bloggers who have a different lifestyle than I do and I love following bloggers who are the opposite of me and who don't necessarily talk about the things I do. It gives me something interesting to read, to gush and to yearn for.I guess sometimes I do want a blog that I can relate to and a blogger who I look at and can go 'Oh we are just so alike'. But I mean...I have other bloggers for that and they don't necessarily overlap and that's fine.

I honestly don't see the issue with being relatable and the whole debate about being completely open online or having different personas offline vs online. I mean I guess when it comes to people straight up lying then it becomes an issue with me but for things like being different online versus offline? I think that's a mixed bag. Your perception of a blogger online and your expectations of them can cause a lot of issues when meeting them and also it also depends on how much they share online.

I think that I could be considered standoffish or anti-social if you were to meet me offline and it's not because I want to be that way! I'm so shy and I get nervous with meeting people and am a lot less open than I am online. I don't have to worry about the way I look or sounding weird or really anything that causes me to be less than the person my close friends and family know me to be.

St the end of the day your blog is both a brand and a journal. Bloggers sometimes will keep all the bad stuff to themselves (because they aren't comfortable with it) and sometimes bloggers won't. It really all depends on the blogger and I think the idea of being 100% open about certain* things can be a little unnecessary and invasive. A blogger doesn't have to share everything about their lives and if they want to show the good things then that is up to them.

*Certain things means like bad feelings or kind of personal things that affect the blogger rather than the audience. I think being honest about how much you make from your blog or sponsored posts and things like is pretty much the only way to go because it affect's the blogger's audience as much as it does a blogger.

How do you all feel about the talk about blogger's relatability? What do you think is important about this topic? Let me know!

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