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I'm a really big food person. I don't know if I'd be a foodie because I think of foodie's as people who go out to eat, but I do like the title and try to refer to myself as one. I wanted to do a quick food post about things I made this month. This month I went all out and definitely tried a few recipes that I haven't done before. I tried out a lot of vegan/vegetarian recipes.

Super tiny cinnamon roll made from extra croissant dough

Vegan sushi is a thing and I love it. It's quick and relatively easy and I love coming home and making some and eating it. It's more filling than you'd think and I adore putting in cucumber and bell peppers in it. I also made some sauce to go with it and it's a mayo (vegan mayo if you're vegan) , soy sauce, and honey plus sometimes pepper flakes.

Vegan Sushi

Simple hash with sweet potatoes and white potatoes peas, and kale

I made tons of hash with whatever I could get my hands on. I used butter or sometimes bacon grease to add flavor, so it wasn't vegan but it can easily be made vegan. I loved using a mixture of sweet potato and regular potatoes for this! The only interesting thing I tried out for dinner was stuffed squash and it was so good. Mostly vegetables (spinach,kale,sweet potato, other veggies) with a bit of meat.

Spinach and cheese muffins

Because I love to snack and am a snack fiend I made a good bunch of snacks this month. I made spinach crackers and lemony white bean dip which was so good and sadly they definitely weren't pictured. The bean dip also doubled as a spread for some veggie sandwiches and they were so good. I also made some spinach muffins adapted from this recipe and I really liked them. They didn't go over so well with the rents but my brother and I liked them. I also made some croissants from scratch and my god they are a labor of love. I used this recipe and they came out wonderful. If you do this recipe definitely make sure you let the dough sit in a warm place before you bake them, it makes a lot of difference.

Stuffing for spaghetti squash


For November I was thinking about maybe trying my hand at gnocchi, cinnamon rolls (maybe pumpkin cinnamon rolls?),  icebox cake, no bake granola/energy balls, pesto, and some sort of sweet muffin (mayhaps blueberry or chocolate?). Honestly though I'm really looking for a recipe that allows me to bust out my french rolling pin. Also just to let you know I do a little inter scream of delight every time I think about my french rolling pin. I love it so much!

Also super sorry for the shoddy/ugly food photographs! I'm not much experience with taking nice food pictures and also I didn't think about piling this together until last minute. I thought it would be cool!
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