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Back it again at Krispy Kreme! I am back with another post and this is Crash Course College. I'm a freshman in college and I thought a little college advice series would be great. I'd learn things, make huge and embarrassing mistakes, write about them and show you all what not to do. I mean, if I can help people avoid looking like a major dork, then it would be worth it. Also, I thought that if y'all laughed at me in the process, it wouldn't be too bad either. I need all the help with humor I can get.

This time I'm going to tell you some things you should take care of as soon as you possibly can. College is like....a really big pile of laundry. Everyday the pile gets bigger and bigger until an avalanche of dirty clothing occurs and you end up with old t-shirts, and stained jeans  just perfuming your olfactory system. Basically it stinks and unless you take care of things in a timely manner you will end up drowning in your own problems and filth.There are a few things that I would recommend you take care of as soon as possible just to make the whole college life a little more easier to deal with.
Me chilling not thinking about all the stuff I have to do...jk...I was actually thinking about how bomb my pants are


Listen we both know that we both hate homework. Not a day goes by in which I like doing my homework. It does not matter what kind of homework it is, it may even be slightly fun homework, I hate doing it. Which is why I try to do it as soon as possible. Getting your homework for the week done as quickly as possible leaves you open for actual fun things, like blogging, photography, and doing fun things that college kids do. If you get set homework today try and knock it out within the next two days. If you get a really long essay get a little bit done everyday.  Trust me, if you can do this even just a little bit, your life will be a little bit easier.

Schedule things

I am coming up on the time in which I have to plan and schedule my next semester's classes and my god I will not be making the same mistakes I made in my first semester. If you have scheduling issues get them fixed as soon as possible. Maybe you hate a class and want to change it, maybe your class at 9 am isn't for you and you would rather a later class. Whatever it is, get it done now. My school had a 3 week grace period at the beginning of the semester in which those kinds of things could be fixed and I wish I had taken advantage of it a little earlier. I ended up in two classes taught by different teachers at different times and problems happened. Not only had I missed a large amount of the teachings that happened (and my first mid term was literally only 2 weeks away) but I had to get used to a whole new schedule and new teaching styles. Absolutely could have avoided it if I had talked to my advisors sooner and fixed it.


Okay, listen I hate studying a lot more than y'all know. I am an avid study procrastinator. If I could ace all my classes and not study I would. I'm sure we all would, but we cant. So instead of screwing over yourself and getting no sleep before your exams, how about we all take a collective pledge to study sooner and get it out of the way. Reading the material (something that I only do when the exam deadline is looming) and reviewing your notes isn't actually a time-consuming process and if you do it bit by bit, it will really help you in the end. I think I'll create a post of study tips soon to tell you all some things that have really helped me get decent grades in my first semester.

Mandatory events/Participatory things/Requisites of your Course

I'm not sure if all courses do this but for some of my classes I have these mandatory events and extra homework type things that I have to do in order to get credits/grades for my class. For example for my Intro Psychology class I have to participate in a few psychology experiments or alternative assignments in order to get a certain amount of hours needed in order to pass my class. Now that you get what I'm trying to get at, knock those things out of the way as soon as possible. If you don't you will really regret it when you're scrambling to get those mandatory things done. I just managed to complete all the hours needed for my Psych course and I could have danced on my own grave with delight. I don't have to worry about it now and now I just have to focus on the other mandatory things from other subjects (yikes). Basically the more you do now the less you have to do later!

I hope this post wasn't too nag-y and I didn't end up sounding like your mum because if I did...then I hope I sounded like your mum but cooler, and not so nag-y and more like concerned with giving you little sprouts of wisdom that you one day will look back on and realize I was right about. You should also be thinking about passing on my infinite wisdom to your children, or dogs, whichever one matters to you more.

What do you hate doing that you leave till the last second? On a scale of 1 to 10 exactly how big of a procrastinator are you?

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