Two Budget Friendly Black Cherry Lipsticks for Winter

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My previous talks about makeup may make it seem that I have some issues around makeup and how it's used and that is totally true. But that isn't to say I'm not a huge makeup lover! I do adore makeup and I love having a nice selection of makeup at my disposal. However, I am kind of guilty of reaching for only a specific color in my small stash of makeup. I constantly find myself reaching for black cherry lipsticks. I have a total of three of them, and out of entire lipstick stash, two of these dark lipsticks are my absolute favorite.

Stepping up my pinterest game from 0 to 0.5

I  love a good dark lip, especially for winter but the color I adore the most is black cherry. In my most humble opinion, this color looks so good on everyone. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that black cherry has a real depth of color that most reds or purples don't usually have. They usually have really deep purple tones to it and depending on the light and the formula it can shift between black, deep red, and purple.

 My two favorite lipsticks are from two drugstore brands, so y'all know this budget friendly and accessible to everyone. I do have one high end black cherry lip color but the formula on it is probably one of the worst formula's I've ever tried. I mean the two products from the drugstore brands have it beat by a million to one.

Top : Scarlet Night from Elf  // Bottom: Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild

Scarlet Night from Elf definitely has more red in it than my second lipstick pick (Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild). I am in love with this shade and the formula is perfect! The only downside to it is that it kind of has this lipstick smell to it, that sort of waxy smell. You only really notice it when you use it and the smell  disappears when you wear it but the initial application of it can be unappealing.  It has a little sharpener at the bottom of the tube located in the colored portion of the stick. I'm not sure how I feel about it since you do waste a bit of product whenever you sharpen it but then again you can't really beat that precise lip line it can give you.  This is has a matte formula. It can feel a little dry if you don't properly moisturize your lips beforehand but it's not an uncomfortable dry. The wear on this is okay and can last 4 hours without the consumption of any food or drink and without any lip licking (of which I am guilty of!). Oh! Did I mention that this product is only $3? Aside from the smell, it's a pretty solid product and it's so inexpensive! Perfect for those of us, who are in college and have a tight budget!

Elf Matte Lip Pencil and Wet n Wild Lipstick

The other lipstick is Wet n Wild's Cherry Bomb. My favorite aspect of this lipstick is that it wears away well and it leaves behind a pretty pink stain. So even when your lipstick is gone you still look nice and put together. There isn't a smell to this one, so sensitive noses will appreciate that. I prefer to use this product with a brush since obviously you can't get a precise lip line with a used lipstick. Also, this product looks great when used as a stain or just lightly dabbed on. Unlike Scarlett Night, it's easily dabbed on and it looks great when done so! The slightest flush of this color is wonderful when you want to understate your lip. This is supposed to be a matte lip look, but it does have a bit of sheen to it and it definitely doesn't last as long as Scarlett Night could. However that being said it's not super shiny, but it is a very comfortable wear on the lips. I think this product was also $3? Either way it is super affordable and very budget friendly!

I really like using both lipsticks together. I use Scarlet Night as a lipliner and then I use Cherry Bomb on top of it. They look very nice together and it helps me get a cleaner lip outline. Also, my lip color lasts longer when they are used together.

Bottom Left: Wet n Wild's Cherry Bomb // Bottom Right: Elf's Scarlet Night 

How do y'all feel about dark lipsticks?  What are you favorite affordable lip picks? 

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