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A Brief Blog Update

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I've been ghosting online and for that I am sorry. BUt it's for a good reason! I have a few projects I'm working on, and it's close to the holidays and! I just finished up my finals. You can see where I'm going right?

I thought it'd be a good time to clue you in on a few things I'm doing as well as officially bid y'all Merry Christmas, Happy Haunnaka and Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays. I know the blog has been quiet this December and I am here to say it will be quiet for the rest of December.  Since I'm working on a few things my December is booked and most of the fun stuff I am working on won't be ready for y'all till January. 

In this interumI will be doing some basic blog work and hopefully y'all can see that I set up a newsletter which will be so bomb come January (with all the stuff I'm doing) and! I finally got myself a header which I made myself (yay me!). There are some other thins on the blog that I'm looking forward to doing on the blog too but it's minor maintenance.

So exactly do y'all have to look forward to? Well I'm starting this monthly blog series that are talking to some groovy poc who are doing bomb stuff.  Not only that but January has a cool lineup of posts to look forward to. We're talking about how to be a better college student in the new semester, why the beauty community needs to discuss racist brands, and maybe some makeup product reviews? I am really looking forward to the new year!

Also if you don't mind please if you're interested sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on IG! I definitely put sneak peaks of what I'm working on up there! Anyway again happy holidays and see y'all in the New Year! Have a great holiday!

Sweet Perfume Wishlist

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 Don't tell my friends this but....I really love perfume and smelling good. I especially love anything that smells sugary or dessert like. It's my secret passion and I have been this way for a really long time. I was eight years old when I was introduced to sugary perfumes and since then I haven't looked back. From that point on I was obsessed with smelling like what I thought a (warrior) princess smelled like. In the eleven years since I got my first perfume, I have spent every moment searching for perfumes or lotions that would help me achieve my ultimate goal.

I used to go through my aunties' cupboards and vanities in order to use their lotions and perfumes, I was really that bad. And I haven't changed at all since then. If anything my perfume preferences have only gotten stronger. Smelling like a bakery is the ultimate goal and I have desperately looked all over the internet to find perfumes that will allow me to smell as good as I think I should. At long last, I have found a select few perfumes that have my name on it and drafted them into a very small wishlist.

1)  Pink Sugar
2. Let Them Eat Cake
3) Lollipop Bling Honey
4. Mad Potion

Oh and before I forget the perfume that sparked my interest in sweet smelling perfumes was actually a Bratz perfume. Wild right? It had Jade on it, it was lilac and I had picked it out myself. Actually, the funny thing about this is I was quite upset that they didn't have the Sasha perfume only the Chloe and Jade ones and resigned myself to picking Jade because I didn't like Chloe's perfume at all and that was my only chance at picking an inexpensive but girly perfume.

Oh and I apologize for the absence but! it was finals week and I really had to study. But in my absence, I did make some blog decisions and am starting a really exciting series in January and also am working on a lot of little projects and things!

Do you have any perfume recommendations? What's on your wishlists?

Monthly Recaps 003 - November

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Is it just me but did my summary of November speak for itself? Like any middle child, November is held up to tons of expectations and ultimately can feel stuck between edgy and interesting October and cheery and well loved December. She had some letdowns but on a personal note, she was pretty good to me! Lots of great things happened this November and some terrible things *cough * the US presidential election *cough*.  Also, I kind of decided to change up the layout of my monthly posts (and add some new bloggy stuff) because I wanted something neater looking and I guess this was it? I'm not sure how I feel yet but we will see!

In Life

Actually life round these parts as I spent this month whole has been quite and mostly I spent time trying to find ways to earn some cash on the side. I signed up for Swagbucks and that has been a little fun and also People Per Hour. PPH is a place where you can freelance some work and you get paid for it. I learned about it from Tea Party Beauty and although my skills are restricted to just writing I'm hoping to land a client or two! But in the meantime I'm honing my blogging skills and picking two things to improve upon and that has been my photography and SEO. Also really interestingly, I signed up for this cool Instagram talk/course held by Hellene In Between and I'm interested in her course and what she's going to talk about that is different to the average Instagram course/post. I'm hoping that the tips my friend from school gave me about taking pictures and the actual pictures we took could somehow be utilized to their fullest after this course!

On the Interwebz

I've fallen in love with all the little fall leaves that exist to stick to my boot

In the End

December is upon us. Although my ability to blast Christmas music all year round has somewhat limited my ability to understand exactly when it's time to break out the festive jams, I’m relatively excited but also saddened that it’s December. Excited because I will finally have finished my first semester of college, but saddened because it seems that all of my friends are going home for Christmas and I am spending Christmas in the US. I will have all my family but I won’t get to see my little squad.Though I will have my family with me so I cannot complain too much. This December I know I will be working very hard to just learn some things and also take a well-needed break from college. December can and will feel like a hectic month, what with finals coming up and then Christmas coming right along after. Hopefully December will allow me to have new opportunities and also time to rid myself of anything negative before the New Year starts.  If everything goes as planned December (and the New Year) are going to be pretty great, and even if they don't all that holiday time cheer will still make things pretty nice.

How was your November? How do You like the format of this post? Let me know in the comments!