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I've been ghosting online and for that I am sorry. BUt it's for a good reason! I have a few projects I'm working on, and it's close to the holidays and! I just finished up my finals. You can see where I'm going right?

I thought it'd be a good time to clue you in on a few things I'm doing as well as officially bid y'all Merry Christmas, Happy Haunnaka and Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays. I know the blog has been quiet this December and I am here to say it will be quiet for the rest of December.  Since I'm working on a few things my December is booked and most of the fun stuff I am working on won't be ready for y'all till January. 

In this interumI will be doing some basic blog work and hopefully y'all can see that I set up a newsletter which will be so bomb come January (with all the stuff I'm doing) and! I finally got myself a header which I made myself (yay me!). There are some other thins on the blog that I'm looking forward to doing on the blog too but it's minor maintenance.

So exactly do y'all have to look forward to? Well I'm starting this monthly blog series that are talking to some groovy poc who are doing bomb stuff.  Not only that but January has a cool lineup of posts to look forward to. We're talking about how to be a better college student in the new semester, why the beauty community needs to discuss racist brands, and maybe some makeup product reviews? I am really looking forward to the new year!

Also if you don't mind please if you're interested sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on IG! I definitely put sneak peaks of what I'm working on up there! Anyway again happy holidays and see y'all in the New Year! Have a great holiday!
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