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 Don't tell my friends this but....I really love perfume and smelling good. I especially love anything that smells sugary or dessert like. It's my secret passion and I have been this way for a really long time. I was eight years old when I was introduced to sugary perfumes and since then I haven't looked back. From that point on I was obsessed with smelling like what I thought a (warrior) princess smelled like. In the eleven years since I got my first perfume, I have spent every moment searching for perfumes or lotions that would help me achieve my ultimate goal.

I used to go through my aunties' cupboards and vanities in order to use their lotions and perfumes, I was really that bad. And I haven't changed at all since then. If anything my perfume preferences have only gotten stronger. Smelling like a bakery is the ultimate goal and I have desperately looked all over the internet to find perfumes that will allow me to smell as good as I think I should. At long last, I have found a select few perfumes that have my name on it and drafted them into a very small wishlist.

1)  Pink Sugar
2. Let Them Eat Cake
3) Lollipop Bling Honey
4. Mad Potion

Oh and before I forget the perfume that sparked my interest in sweet smelling perfumes was actually a Bratz perfume. Wild right? It had Jade on it, it was lilac and I had picked it out myself. Actually, the funny thing about this is I was quite upset that they didn't have the Sasha perfume only the Chloe and Jade ones and resigned myself to picking Jade because I didn't like Chloe's perfume at all and that was my only chance at picking an inexpensive but girly perfume.

Oh and I apologize for the absence but! it was finals week and I really had to study. But in my absence, I did make some blog decisions and am starting a really exciting series in January and also am working on a lot of little projects and things!

Do you have any perfume recommendations? What's on your wishlists?

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