New Year, New Goals

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It's that time of the year where we all make resolutions we most likely aren't going to keep and we make promises we have no intention of seeing through. The root of the problem in my opinion is that we all strive for goals that are too big and overwhelming to do. We think "Okay I'm going do this large thing in so many months and that's my goal and I'm going to do this many big changes and it's going to stick and this year will be different'. I mean it's no wonder most resolutions don't stick right? We're so busy with thinking about how big and amazing our resolutions an changes are that we kind of fumble along the way.

What we all really need to do is put in place some smaller goals that will allow us to reach the bigger ones.  I've decided to re-evaluate my goals and hopes for this year and see instead of what big things I can achieve, focus on small things that will help me get the big things.


My goals for my blog in 2017 is to grow my blog and gain a bigger and more engaged following. I would love it if my blog hit 100 followers on bloglovin by this time next year. I'm going to do this by commenting more and being a more engaged follower myself and actually try to reach out and gain some blogging friends. At the end of 2016 I really did disappear and tbh I'm not sorry for it since school and to take a break but I definitely killed what little engagement I did have.Other than that I am excited to start my new blog series In The Know and also enjoying blogging. I aim to write more personal and real posts and maybe do some reviews when applicable.

Social Media

 I deleted my instagram account took a week long break and rejoined (I'll discuss this at a later point on the blog). Since my follower count before I deleted was around 80 followers, I hope that I can get 100 followers by the end of the year. It's not a big goal but it's something right (also 100 real followers is alot!). I have decided to do this by being an engaged follower myself and also to comment more. It's a little weird because I feel funny about commenting but, I also think that once I do become a more engaged follower I'll really like it.


I ended my first semester with mostly Bs. I hope to have at least one A when I end the new semester. I think I know where I went wrong last semester and I think that I will be able to get it. I think I'll do it by reading my books more and also by studying more efficiently. Not only that but I think I will go to office hours and actually get help if I need it. Although I won't lie doing so makes me feel really nervous. heart is beating a little faster just remembering the time I had to drop off my homework at my TA's office.

Also I really hope to join a club at uni. There is one or two I have my eye on and I'm really excited to try and get a foot in.  This semester I want to be more outgoing at school and join or apply for organizations and kinda of academic things. I did apply for being apart or an internship thing that is focused on art which I don't really think I'll get in but I was really excited to just apply for it. And I really liked that so I'm going to be doing more things like that.


Something I don't really share is that I do a lot of artsy things. I mostly draw and I write. I hope to keep on improving and I will do that by practicing regularly. Another goal for me personally is that I aim to buy less things in general and more importantly less new things. If I do buy I will try to buy things that are second hand. Since I love makeup, my makeup habits will have to change as well. I aim to support mostly indie businesses and black owned companies as well. I don't really have any weight loss related goals but I mean...if it happens.

What are y'all's New Years Resolutions and Goals? Got any ideas on how you will accomplish this?

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