Behind the Blog #001 - The Basics

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I've been writing a few posts that have nothing to do with blogging which is kind of how I like it! But it's always good to change things up and discuss the business behind the blog and so that's what this post is all about. Think of this as the bones of the blog. I might further talk about blog inspiration and things like that at a later time but I think it's best we start at the foundation of the blog. I also promise this will be a short blog post!

I started my blog not too long ago (I think summer of '16?) and I've been at it for a whole half a year. I have no idea to describe my blog. It is a small blog that I can't imagine will be of any interest to anyone aside from a very niche group of people that includes only me and myself. But I love it. To be honest, it's a place for me to vent and discuss issues that are important to me, but I also want this to be a kind of a place for young woc. I haven't really figured out how it will become that place but I think it's in the works.

As I stated somewhere before on my blog, I started blogging a while ago and had another blog that I promptly got sick of and deleted. I have a great love affair of deleting things I've created and starting over. It can be rejuvenating. And that's how I view this blog here. It's fresh, and I honestly love writing and I write so much more than I have ever written for my old blog. And i feel like this blog is going somewhere you know? I was previously a beauty and fashion blog and I felt bogged down by that. I didn't have a lot of products to go through and I felt bored with it, which was so bizarre because I love beauty and fashion. I think switching to a lifestyle blog and focusing on writing things I want to talk about rather than stressing about what I could talk about when  dont have much makeup to begin with is invigorating.

I have a few posts that are in the line of discussing feminism and different aspects of how our world affects me and things like that. ANd surprisingly they aren't my favorite posts to write. I mean I love them but I also have issues with writing them. It is very difficult for me to write these posts because I usually come back and re-write them more and more. As my language and the knowledge I have about these topics change and develop, the way I talk about them change. And it can be hard to try and discuss things when it's not as easy for me to juggle all my thoughts and not be kind of preachy or a know it all. I don't think I pull this off quite as well as I think I do, but this whole mode of thinking is a process and it's a way to change your thinking. It's difficult and I guess I worry a lot about those posts and I don't think I have any new opinions or ideas to add to the topic. It kind of decreases the fun of them but I do enjoy those posts a lot, nonetheless.

I enjoy writing up a review posts or even a kind of normal lifestyle post. I think it's fun and it can be a relief to write them. I don't worry too much about the way I'm trying to write and all my thoughts, but rather I'm focused on writing an interesting post (which I don't think I pull off quite as well as I think I do). I think it can be fun to sit back and not have arguments with myself about what I'm writing and just write.

Since I'm slowly starting to write more personal based posts about me and my ideas about certain things, I'm actually really enjoying those kinds of posts as well. But it can also be difficult trying to put concepts and flashes of thoughts and feelings into proper sentences. But it's really therapeutic and I enjoy it a lot more than I really thought I would.

Anyway this is the bare bones you need to know about my blog. I guess I will write up some more future posts about how I come up with ideas and pictures and what not.

Tell me the basics of your blog! What kind of posts do you dis/like writing?

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