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I have been waiting (waiting) an entire month just to post this! Honestly? I really look forward to these monthly posts because they're so fun and I get to interview and talk to really cool kids who are really inspiring. This month I got to interview the very cool and very edgy Tara Chandra, who describes her style as being eclectic, loud, weird and extra. We talked about how she puts together an outfit, the reason behind her starting to discuss feminism on her channel and also style inspiration!

James Coomer - @internetjames -

I’ve loved your Youtube channel for a while now but I can’t really assume that my readers will have been too. For the sake of argument would you mind introducing yourself (a quick get to know me kind of summary) and your blog/Youtube channel?      

Hi! I’m Tara, a 19 year old girl (she/her) from Sydney, Australia. My favourite colours are pink, yellow and orange. I began creating content around 4 years ago on YouTube and my blog. I later created a public Instagram and started posting fashion/lifestyle content. Nowadays, I mainly focus on YouTube and Instagram as they’re my favourite platforms to work on – taking photos and video editing. My Instagram is 95% filled with outfit photos, and my YouTube channel is focused on fashion, lifestyle, self-education and miscellaneous videos

What kind of impact do you want your online presence to have on others and the fashion community as a whole?

I think my ultimate aim is to ‘inspire’ other people to dress however they want to dress without fear of judgement. 

What influences your style and can you name some people/artists that have had an impact on your style? 

Other people are probably the largest influencer for my style. When I see someone else wearing something I find aesthetically pleasing, I try and incorporate the underlying look into my outfits. However, most of the time I just wear what I think looks good. I think my ultimate style icon is Iris Apfel. She’s 95 years old but still killing that unique style! She’s fearless. 

James Coomer - @internetjames -

Recently you’ve included videos on feminism and also have talked about identity on your Youtube channel in the past. Why did you decide to make those videos and talk about those topics?

My ‘Tara Talks’ series is one of my favourites. They’re all about self-education which has stemmed from self-realisation and the desire to be learning more in a non-conventional text book kind of way. I make these videos because I talk about topics I think people should know about. These are topics that are personally important to me. I am using YouTube as a place of expression and a platform to share my opinions.

My series focuses on people of color and how they impact the fashion/beauty community. Does your identity and culture impact your fashion in any way? If so how?

I don’t think my identity and culture directly shape my fashion style, but rather it influences my experiences, abilities, access to things and outlook on life (to name a few). With all other factors included, I could say that it does have an effect on what I wear, but in general terms I don’t think so. However, I have begun to embrace my culture, wearing more traditional prints and pieces as a form of self-acceptance and confidence in my cultural identity; as I move away from my experiences and understandings of internalized racism.  

  Your sense of style to me is whimsical yet edgy. It’s very unique and not something that can be easily replicated. With that in mind how do you go about choosing what to wear and what accessories to pair with it? 

Thank you! My style doesn’t have a set structure, which is what makes it different. More often than not, I wear things solely for colour-coordination purposes. I look at individual pieces and work from there. I can’t explain my process that well – but create a base and then add 10 accessories to top the Christmas tree off. 

Gemma Brookes - @gemmabrookes_ -

With the new year just coming in what do you hope to see more of and less of in the new year? 

I’d love to see more acceptance, and less judgment/hate.

Are there any brands or designers that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

UNIF, hit me up.

 Are there any projects (things like fashion campaigns, collaborations, etc) that you’ve been working on that you are looking forward to sharing with your followers?

I’m constantly doing fun shoots and collaborations with upcoming photographers and businesses which is always fun. I’m doing my first styling gig with a photographer which will be awesome. We’re hopefully going to try and get that into a magazine. 


If you are digging what Tara is saying (and how do you not?) then you can visit her youtube channel and her IG. She recommends you watch her No Black Clothing Challenge , UNI / COLLEGE LOOKBOOK #5, SS16 LOOKBOOK, and her TARA TRAVELS || USA video.  

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