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I usually don't watch that much Tv but I have been lately and I've been gorging myself on Netflix. I've started and finished so many movies and shows on Netflix than I think I ever had? I thought I might share with y'all what I've been watching this past month.

Watched and Finished

The Messengers

Okay so this show had only one season run and it wasn't that great but as someone who really loves biblical fiction and things that involve angels and demons (and yes I am a huge reader of Angels & Demons the book) I really liked it. I mean there was a ton of twists near the end and I was shocked, SHOCKED at certain parts. And also before two characters even met, I knew, I freaking knew that they would be together.  Aside from that there is a lot of action and there's a lot of interesting twists and additions to this show. I really liked a lot of the characters and kinda didn't hate anyone. Except the accent of the Man was kind of annoying at first but then it was kinda alright? Idk, if you got a day to spend and want to spend it on alright tv and you're also someone who loves stories involving demons and angels (in the biblical sense) then check out The Messengers on Netflix.

The Office

Just throwing this out there I skipped the last two seasons because once Michael was gone I didn't care but I did watch the last episode. Before this, I have never watched any episode of the office and I didn't care to? It just wasn't what I was interested in at the time and it just didn't appeal to me. Well so and so years later I finally got around to watching the whole thing and I liked it. I laughed a lot and I kind of liked the deadpan style it's in (because I'm really into some British comedies and the style obvious borrows a lot from the UK version). I'm not wild about it, but it's nice for wanting something to marathon.


It's basically about two girls who see demons and then fight them. It's got a lot of relationship things in it and it's got some cliche parts but they're the good cheesy kind. Also there are some deceptions and betrayals you see coming from 10000 miles away but they don't hurt any less. If you watch this show for any reason, it should be to hear how freaking great the soundtrack is. I mean it's killer, so much so that I listen to it on Spotify on a regular basis.

The Travelers

It's a pretty interesting concept that isn't the same old "people from the future come back to the past to save the future by altering the past" storyline. I really liked this show (I do have some grievances obviously) and I can't wait for the next season of it. I'm actually really shocked by how some of the storylines and relationships have developed over the course of the story. And also I'm kind of shocked by how twisty everything is and how at one point no one in the show understands whats really going on. I love that aspect and it isn't one of those "this person knows something and everyone else is in the dark", it's actually just no one understands jack about anything.

Watched and Stopped

This is your classic 90s show about a girl who falls in love and helps out a supernatural being while keeping his secret. He, is an alien form another planet and shes just your average ordinary girl. Roswell is okay, I mainly stopped because I didn't want to get too attached to the show. I have this thing where I skip ahead in the seasons and read the plot of each episode on netflix in order to give me ideas about if I want to continue the show or not.  And I was not interested in what I saw. Though I must say I love the tone of the show and I also love the softness of the main male lead's voice.

I started glitch and got3 episodes in before I just stopped. The show was okay, I just got bored with it. LIke there are about 3 shows in my List that deal with this kind of topic (people come back from the dead and no one knows why!) and I just didn't care for most of these characters. I kind of got annoyed with Kate and James at one point (both separately and together). I was annoyed with Kate because she was upset that James moved on (it's such a cliche kind thing and it's not really her fault I'm annoyed) and I don't really get what James deal is most of the time or his goals it's just a no from me.

Watched and Haven't Finished

I know I know I'm late to the party! But in my defence I have no defence. Voltron is great. It's got an interesting plot line, pretty decent characters and the voice actors are great. I haven't finished all of the first season but I will get to it. Also I just wanted to say that my favorite is Hunk. Also Allura is an A+++ character, 100% would recommend. And she's voiced by Kimberly Brooks who is like...my icon? My voice acting idol? She along with a few others (like Cree Summers) are basically the voices of my childhood and also like my favorite voice actors period.

Beauty & The Beast
I'm not talking about the upcoming movie starring Emma Watson (I don't really care about that tbh!) but I'm talking about the CW show. And I have only started the first season (and haven't finished) but I am excited for the next seasons. I thought it was pretty interesting and exciting and I loved the interactions between JT and anyone else. Not trying to be funny but I am aching for interactions between JT and Tess, because I imagine it to be 10x funnier than any other interaction. Also I think the premise is really unique. I have read a ton of beauty and the beast reimagined stories but this one is pretty different.

What have y'all been watching? Got any recommendations?

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