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Although I love Youtube, it can get monotonous sometimes. Which is why a new channel can totally feel like a breath of fresh air, and I am here to bring a really rad group of women who have an awesome channel. The Pastels describe themselves as being fun, fresh, inclusive and candid. And they are absolutely that and more. We talked about WOC beauty, dealing with the eurocentricity of beauty and also their personal makeup style.


 Can you briefly introduce yourselves and also your channel?
Our channel is called the Pastels! We’re three gal pals from Sydney, Australia, and our names are Chanel, Anabelle and Clara.

2.     Why did you start your channel?

During highschool, we always talked about starting a youtube channel. We started our channel after we graduated high school. Because we were on summer break and had a lot of free time, we figured it would be a good way to hang out and have fun.

3.     Your channel has grown a lot in a few years. Why do you think that people have had such a positive reaction to your channel and the way you’re owning beauty as woc?

We are a very versatile; we have three different skin tones, face shapes, skin types, makeup products and styles all on one channel alone. Having these options allow us to be more relatable. Also the fact that we’re friends is entertaining to watch and gives our viewers a sense of friendship/sisterhood.


4.     As WOC the beauty industry isn’t always the friendliest industry towards us. In what ways do you wish the beauty industry was more open to woc and the diversity in which we come in?

We want brands to be more inclusive. We need more representation on the runway and photoshoots; more spokespeople representing brands, more funding and exposure for PoC owned cosmetic businesses. We would appreciate brands being more inclusive to PoC by extending shade ranges and undertones especially in Australia.

5.     What was the hardest part of dealing with Eurocentric beauty standards and growing and becoming more comfortable with your own personal beauty?

Eurocentic beauty standards, for us, is unattainable. The media depicts white as the pinnacle of beauty, and as a result, we’re constantly bombarded with images of an “ideal standard of beauty beauty”. So, it kinda makes it hard to love yourself when society is so set on telling you you shouldn’t. 

The most difficult part is unlearning years of systematic conditioning against your own appearance. It’s a completely different narrative for people that fit the mould of beauty or navigate somewhat more easily (in terms of intersectionality).


6.     Continuing on this note, what advice do you have for young women of color who are also dealing with the issues of beauty standards now and their own personal beauty. (you can address woc period, women of your own ethnicity, etc).

It’s important to realize overcoming beauty standards is a process. Being able to accept your own personal beauty takes time. We recommend surrounding yourself with other like-minded people of colour, that not only remind you that you are enough but actively celebrate enough as you are. Also, finding people of colour that you really respect and look up to that inspire you. Look at their achievements and understand the work that went into getting them where they are and use that to motivate yourself. We love Solange, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington, Margaret Cho, Tracee Ellis Ross, Amber Rose and the list goes on.

Chanel: I also would like to say something to Asians, specifically South-East Asians, that there’s nothing wrong with being tanned. I know we often hear it so much from our elders who wish to pass this way of thinking on, but it’s toxic and unhelpful.

7.     Can you talk a little bit about your makeup journey and who has helped shape it?

Practice and experimentation is key. Getting to know our face and understanding what works for us helped. We all went through, and still admittedly going through, experiencing mishaps because it’s all experimentation. In terms of who shaped it, it’s not so much people but forms of media sparking inspiration, such as Instagram, Youtube, magazines, runways.


8.     How would describe your makeup style?
Anabelle: Classic, structured, elegant, neutral with the occasional pinks, oranges and reds (Modern Renaissance is literally my everyday go-to, soooo…).

Clara: Sometimes girly, sometimes edgy. Sometimes bronzey and neutral, and sometimes the complete opposite. It just depends what mood I’m in or what I’m wearing.

Chanel: Bushy eyebrows, minimal eyes and a bold lip. Girly, romantic and Parisian. Retro but not costumey. I like to pretend I’m in a film.

9.     What makeup brands or companies would you like to collab with?

Kryolan, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bobbi Brown, NARS, M.A.C, Glossier, Milk

10.  Do you have any events, or projects you are working on this year?
We don’t have anything on the books but we are hoping for big things this year for us

 If you are into what the Pastels are laying down (and y'all totally are I know!) then check out these three videos! These were their favorites to film and edit (and I personally really love the intergalactic makeup video!):

You can find The Pastels Here:
Twitter: @pastelsofficial 
Instagram: @thepastelsofficial 

 Stills are from their Neon Makeup and Pastel Makeup videos!
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